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  1. No, its pretty easy to do and light
  2. I think this bug is extended to all 2-5 hit moves (?)
  3. As I can see from the gtl, on the past few days wild grovyle have been caught in route 120 (hoenn), but there is no wild location in the pokedex! Whats happening?
  4. A member of my guild is claiming that during one of his pvp sessions the move flamethrower casted by his charizard failed (with 100% accuracy) on the opposing breloom with no op items, is this possible? Is it like the gen 1 bug where 100% moves had 1/256 chance to miss therefore reducing the total accuracy to 99.7%? This happened when there was only Kanto and Hoenn
  5. An ability like that doesn't exist, all the snorlax are at level 30 by now.
  6. Have Devs changed things without telling us in the last update? First time in 4 years that i see a snorlax caught at the berry forest at level 30 even thought it can only be found at level 40, without counting the one you get during the story. EDIT: From what my friend told, Snorlax can no more be found at level 40.
  7. caught 7, only 1 shiny stone
  8. so people with like 2 accounts can make double the money for no reason? smh
  9. Found Shiny Cacnea and i accidentally fled, 125 encounters later found the SHINY TRAPINCH I found 3 shiny on mirage tower: Shiny Sandshrew but had no pokeball XD Shiny Cacnea acidentally fled xD the wanted shiny trapinch after just 125 encounters. If i hadnt fleed from cacnea i probably would not have found it so happy :)
  10. https://imgur.com/a/7EJkLOj while hunting for snivy ORPE>>
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