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  1. IGN: samehada Country :Tunisia Tiers : nu, lc
  2. Happy birthday ❤️ If i am allowed to enter ill take number 3
  3. 750k on mkns both matches void if tie
  4. 300k on me both matches void if tie Ign : samehada
  5. Levitharian 200k to win both matches void if tie Cristi 200k to win both matches void if tie Ign samehada
  6. 300k on mkns to win 2-0 void if tie , and 300k on hazuu to win 2-0 void if tie My ign "samehada"
  7. Still why whould you ask for a rematch if you was so hurt by the insults dont take people for idiots if you want punichment you whould be out too since you lost and gb for trashtalking
  8. Luvvia you have prouved ur self as very improfessional regarding preparing tournament what you did was just a shildish act wish braught hate of evryone we all got trashtalked but no one complained and as far as i know you started the debate talking about hax wich is part of the game we hate it but still part of it you lost the trust of alot of people and now just act like a responsible person and ask forgivness what you are doing will bring you down even more .. Ur just childish
  9. hello ign: samehada Title : the experiment of einstein Number or words : 868
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