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  1. I've noticed that there isn't a "Delete all read mail" button in the mail interface. It would be a very useful thing to have. It's annoying to keep clicking the X.
  2. Oh, alright. I'll edit the thread then. What I meant was, what if you don't know what you want? What if you want to search for a random 4x31? Like I said in the OP, what if you wanted to search for any 4x31? Whether that be hp/atk/spdef/speed or hp/spatk/spdef/speed.
  3. An "Xx31" search feature for the GTL. This means that you can search for any combination of, for example, 4x31 IVs Pokemon. So it could be hp/def/spdef/speed that are 31. Or it could be atk/def/spatk/speed. Or whatever combination of 4x31.
  4. Another post, but just spotted a swarm of Surskit on Route 102.
  5. Sorry about double post but I just caught a Gulpin holding a Big Pearl.
  6. I found a Grimer holding a Nugget just yesterday. Also just today, I caught a Koffing holding a Smoke Ball.
  7. I don't have a screenshot, but I saw a swarm a while back of Diglett on Jagged Pass (on a tv in an NPC house).
  8. I found these things in the places listed, didn't keep track of how many encounters though. I just noticed that some of the places don't have anything listed, and Fuchsia City doesn't even have a section. DIGLETT'S CAVE: Max Potion Super Potion Energy Root Great Ball POND IN FUCHSIA CITY: Great Ball Super Repel BERRY FOREST (THREE ISLAND): Wepear Berry Leftovers Leaf Stone Sun Stone Miracle Seed
  9. Thanks :D. I came up with the name a LONG time ago... it's a (not) funny story actually... signing up for ArcadePreHacks.com (an online hacked game site for things like Bubble Tanks, Kitten cannon, etc.), and I meant to type 'blahblahblah' but failed. Also I just found a shiny in a horde (and a Meowth at that)... but KO'd it because Water Spout doesn't say it hits all targets... Can we get this kind of thing fixed please? I'm sure it's happened with other people too.
  10. Hi, I'm blahblahbal, or blah for short. I'm pretty new to the video game scene but not new to the TCG or Pokemon in general. Just wanted to introduce myself since I've been playing for a while and haven't signed up on the forums.
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