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  1. @Bestfriends magnemite and magneton confirmed. There are the wrong generation. Fix soon as possible. exeggcute and exeggutor not a bug. i display only 4 damage types. @Nobarsmcgee and @Bestfriends its a desing reason why i only display 4 damage type (priority to the 4x damage type). I test many ways, icons, other size, other position, but i not found a way to look it nice ingame. But when you want i can add a package with all damage types, but this not looking nice ingame.
  2. Hi, i modify the BattelSprites from GigoloimCabrio/facus26 and add the best damage types. Damage type with a red frame cause 4x damage, without the frame 2x damage. Only damage types appear with 2x and 4x damage. The maximum displayed damage types are four. If you already used the Battelsprite of GigoloimCabrio/facus26, then disable the Mod "Battle_Sprites_Front_Normal". Download
  3. Hi, this mod replace the Pokemon-Icons with Pictures: Download
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