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  1. why should you get any rewards in the first place? It is amazing that we have relatively frequent matchmaking now, and that the lower tiers can even be played. I dont think that rewards are necessary to incentivize anyone to play the ladder, so anything we get is a bonus
  2. everyone complains about stall for years and how the playstyle sucks and when everything gets shifted a bit towards offense your not happy either
  3. does conk have close combat right now? If so, any take on viability?
  4. rotom-w with scarf, no speed investment, willo and pain split? Or is SpD speed?
  5. I think aeromatherapy is not necessary, wish + protect or soft boiled + flamethrower/ icebeam sound like a better option. Blissey has natural cure, so it will heal any status anyway. conkeldur is already burned. reuni is only affected by paralysis. ferro is immune to toxic and only really cares about burn. So really only ferro and hydreigon are effected by status. And yes I absolutely agree that you need hazard removel, somehow I overlooked that. you could put defog on hydreigon over taunt, but I am not a fan of that. Neither am I a fan of starmie, as volt-turn will be too difficult to deal with. Maybe gliscor with defog can fill the slot? special defensive excadrill (very niche)? Probably the best way is to play the team a bit with any filler pokemon in the 6th slot you already have. Try out starmie, if it works: fine. If it doesnt, explore other options. But you should get at least 10 games in, to get a feeling for it. Dont get too frustrated with a few early losses.
  6. why these two? what makes these two a great core? Can you explain?
  7. I would fit defog on pelipper, so you dont have to worry about a spinner. To be fair, I think when playing such a fast paced team, you might want to rely on pressure alone to keep hazards off the field. Maybe it works just fine without hazard removal. Depending on your playstyle, you might like spikes over protect on ferro. It greatly decreases ferros longevity, but as this team is extremely fast and aggressive, you will enjoy the hazard damage on i.e. blissey. I would probably also switch scizor to Choice Band with pursuit, to trap special walls such as blissey. It also makes it a lot easier to double switch: kingdra on your side will oftentimes demand your opponent to switch to a special wall, a double switch to scizor can help you remain in control through u-turn, or trap the wall with pursuit. Anyway, SD + U-turn doesnt really make sense to me, and if you want to stick to SD I would pick roost > uturn. Another interesting variant would be scarf scizor, it would definitely hit your oppenent by surprise. It can trap gengar and chandelure, but I guess those arent really an issue anyway. For your last pokemon I would suggest another physical attacker. Dnite, chomp, azumarill (CB), conkeldurr, kabutops, mamoswine, breloom, toxicroak would all make for good team mates. I think you can pretty much choose whatever you want. I would not fit tentacruel on the team, way to slow. Maybe something like specs tentacruel could be fun and a surprise set (with rapid spin as a filler move), but the likes of blissey and gastrodon would make you instantly look for the forfeit botton. PS: I played similar rain teams for a long time and think that banded azumarill performs really well, but everyone else thinks it is shit. I also always found jolteon underperforming and went with ground types to find an electric immunity. In case you pick Azumarill, here is another tip: Tentacruel might look like something that can wall Azu. It cannot. just press waterfall. In general, pressing waterfall with CB azumarill in the rain isnt too bad of an idea.
  8. i agree and I also want to congratulate you on your choice of formatting. This is one of the first properly formatted teams, the only thing that would make it even better would be short discription of the role of each pokemon in your team. And maybe why you have chosen certain mons over others that fill the same role.
  9. I think the team looks very promising. It looks especially strong vs rain. However: The team is really slow and you also lack a ground type to stop volt switches. To fix the speed issue you could run hydreigon @choice scarf. If you want to stick to life orb, I would definetly swap a move for taunt, and maybe also roost. If you want to stick to LO Hydreigon, I would use scarf Garchomp to give you an electric immunity as well as patch up the speed issue. Yes, the team will feel a bit clunky vs conk, but thats an issue for most teams. Another way to fix the speed problem could be trick room on reuni. In that case breed a new quiet one, with trick room and hp fire over recover and cm. This might sound like a gimmich, but TR completely rolls over opposing Hyper Offense, and together with conk you have 2 great abusers. It also leaves you completely free on the last mon (I would still suggest a ground type, out of your ideas that would be mamoswine). If you dont wanna do any of the above and leave everything as it is rn, I would take either mamoswine or scizor out your suggestions. Gyarados and starmie further increase your volt switch problem, whereas magnezone further increases your conkeldurr problem and provides very little upside. I dont see any steel types that become a big issue to your team. Scizor at least adds more priority (helps against conk and any offensive team) and momentum to the team. mamoswine is a volt switch stopper and, maybe even more important, checks all dragon types. Drawdown: conk weak.
  10. jfk


  11. lets play for 100k, I wanna test out my team. Ill play for 2 hours or until I lost 1m.
  12. forget about platinum, there is a forfeit option now *.*
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