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  1. also ludicolo B or B+ I think it is at least as good as kabutops right now, deals with everything rain usually struggles with. Modest life orb Focusblast does ~70% to ferro, and ferro cant recover against ludi (powerwhip hurts though), it is a perfect switch into milotic, it has ice beam for dragon types. All in all in deals with everything except chansey/blissey. I think it is the most underrated rain sweeper rn and should get some love.
  2. 248 is the same as 252 for all IV`s that are equal numbers, such as 30. For 31`s you will need 252 EV`s to get the maximum final stat at lvl 50. Also: 30 and 31 IV`s only give the same stat line for uninvested stats, which means stats that have no EV investment and are not boosted by nature. Someone correct me if I am wrong. Example: lvl 50 timid gengar: If you invest no EV into HP, Gengar will have 135 HP with 30 IV and 31 IV. If it has 30 IV, the max EV to put into HP is 248, which will result in 166 HP, 252 EV will result in the same stat: 166. If it has 31 IV, the max EV to put into HP is 252, which will result in 167 HP. It is similar for natured stats. So as a rule of thump: if you have a speed boosting nature, make sure you have 31 IV`s in speed, and if you want to max the stat, make sure you put 252 EV into speed.
  3. First of all, great post, great effort, but unfortunately not quite the right thread I guess. Nonetheless: There are several threads on this forum to help you with strategy and team building, as well as grasping the meta game. The Smogon forum should prove more useful when it comes to strategy, such as double switching and prediction. Regarding Nature and IV`s, I think 2x31 3x25+ is perfectly fine. Nature is an absolute must have. I think it is adviseable to try out a team idea on showdown. Ideally you can practice with a friend under the specific rules of pokemmo. Otherwise, your results may significantly differ due to very different pokemons and mechanics between the different metagames on smogon/showdown and pokemmo. Lastly, I think your friend was right when he said that there are infinite possibilities. While there definitely is sort of a meta, and some pokemon strictly outperform others, it is unlikely that we have tried out everything. Nonetheless, especially if your resources are scarce, you should disregard (at least for OU) all pokemon not mentioned in the OU compendium by Suigin. It is a very extensive compendium that covers basically everything. Furthermore, a meta exists to be shifted. Thus, it may prove useful to identify the meta, not in order to follow it, but to counter it. If you want to watch some replays of rather unique teams I suggest you watch tournament replays of gbwead. But there have been others as well who performed well with unique teams. I think a chinese player named kinao was in top 20 of the OU leader board for several month with a spike stacking team + 2 spin blockers + 3 phazers + 3 taunt users. So literally just racking up passive damage for the entire game.
  4. I want to make a point for azumarill: 1. it is decent in rain with CB. Can take the slot over kabutops since it has a lot more bulk and hits harder right of the bat. Due to being Water only it also fares better vs fighting priority which is a big plus in my opinion. 2. The jolly belly drum + aqua jet + waterfall + superpower set is actually decent on HO if supported by wobbuffet. After an encore on SR, a boosting move or defog (or occasionally weak non effective moves), you can get a free belly drum off. Biggest counters for this set, such as jellicent, are placed in UU and quite rare in OU right now. Biggest problem apart from that are bulky dragons so you need to handle them before hand, but apart from that it is a decent set. Hence, I think B or even B+ is adequate.
  5. Hey, I am fully aware that I am one of the lesser known players and have no accolades to prove that this guide is actually useful. Nonetheless, I wanted to provide a beginners guide to team building, as lately I get more and more question on building. I do not consider myself a better than average builder, however, all recommendations I give are based on the opinions of very good and accomplished builders. Hence, this can be viewed as a post that provides a compressed and structured overview/ summary of several building advices / resources. Further, this can be regarded as a complementary guide to the OU teambuilding compendium. Team archetypes General building List of resistances Good Cores Additional cores can ofc be posted below, in case a proper explanation is included, they will be included in the thread. Sample Teams I claim that the teams presented are either so standard that nobody remembers who actually built them or my own creation.
  6. So I drew several ones myself, pls rate them so I can decide, ty. my favorite right now the other two
  7. not too bad of an idea though
  8. When I look at the pokemon and their power level and usage that are considered A and A- right now, I stand by my suggestion that reuniculus fits better in A- right now. And regarding Hydreigon, I am not saying it is not useful anymore, it is still amazing but just not as good as it was, so I would also again stand by my decision to move it from S to A+. My grasp of the meta game is not good enough to properly explain why, it just feels a lot less threatening to me than before. Additionally I think Gyarados could be moved from A- to A, and Mandibuzz from B- (lol) to at least B+, if not A-.
  9. I would like to also suggest a few changes, although this thread seems dead: Togekiss: A- -> A+ There is a reason why its own thread gets far more attention than this one. To read up on its strengths look no further than Salamence: A -> A+ Its usage as increased significantly and so has the variety of sets it can run. Mostly used sets are bold mence and mixMence, where the latter sometimes runs DD. Scarf mence is almost completely gone. This shows that its purpose has shifted from a revenge killer more towards a pivot, making full use of its intimidate ability and access to defog + roost +draco meteor. Its damage output and move pool is outstanding and its a decent buffer for fighting moves. I think that Salamence + ferrothorn can almost be regarded as a standalone core. Breloom: B+ -> A- As also risen in usage and stands at roughly 9%. Nowadays it runs mainly three sets, all of which pose different threads: SubPunch, superpower + stone edge and swordsdance + mach punch. Breloom is a staple for many offensive teams, but also finds its way on balance and occasionally even rain. Its ability to break Bulky water types, ferrothorn, hippowdon, tyranitar and even dent Skarmory make it a very effective wall breaker. Reuniculus: A+ -> A- Has lost usage and its slot as a stall breaker is now filled by Togekiss. Mostly used as a trick room setter to deal with HO teams after a free switch on balanced teams. Simply to slow to excel in a metagames where heavy stall is very uncommon. hydreigon: S -> A+ S rank should really only be for the absolute defining pokemon of the meta game and I do not think that Hydreigon fills this role anymore. Especially its fighting weakness is its biggest problem, with fighting priority being all over the place. Pelipper: B+ -> A- Can perform a variety of roles outside of setting rain. Either serve as a defensive pivot with defog or a revenge killer / late game win condition. Shapes and entire playstyle, thus does not "need any support to function" instead supports 5 other mons to function.
  10. jfk

    Player Titles

    this is already the best title in the game
  11. jfk

    Double battle queue

    Another approach could be to increase the prizes for lower tiers (still looking for monthly matchmaking rewards), to incentivize ppl to play it. Further, one of the biggest issues is that a lot of ppl probably do not even know when ranked in lower tiers takes place. So image instead of heaving three different tabs for OU UU NU (or additional tabs for LC & DUBS), we would only have two tabs. One for Normal MAtchmaking and one for ranked. Within both tabs we have all 5 buttons for each tier, where we can see all the times for the ranked matchmaking at one glance. This would raise awareness for lower tiers to all players. In combination with better incentives for other tiers, such as higher BP or monthly rewards, as well as less frequent queues ( remember if we implement dubs and lc we have 5 queues to schedule now, not 3, which will lead to longer breaks anyway), it should be possible to create "liquid" matchmaking. As soon as that happens, the problem will solve itself, as liquidity draws more liquidity and frequent matches in lower tiers will draw a larger player base by itself. Maybe I should make this a separate suggestion, but there have been so many threads on matchmaking I might as well just post here.
  12. definitely go for starmie on such an offensive team, and yes electrode can be very useful later in the game and set up screens multiple times (volt switch can be extremely useful vs rain). Skarmory is meant to die, setting up as much hazards as possible is usually your top priority. I would only suggest to bravebird against threads like volcarona or conkeldurr if you happen to face them.
  13. Ok. so vs rain, i think tour mach up is maybe 40 / 60 in favor of rain. Rain excells vs offense as it is able to outspeed most threads, however your double screens give you a huge advantage. As soon as you got momentum you should be able to win (still i think well played rain is favoured probably 60 to 40). I dont think scarf ttar fits the core of life orb gyara + life orb scizor welll. You can still make use of both gyara and scizor, but i would suggest more defensive variants and move the entire team more towards balance. In case you wanna go with lead skarm, gengar is infact a great partner. The best sets a pro probably either focusblast + shadowball + substite + disable or ""Subsitute + painsplit. I personally am no fan of destiny bond. Instead i would use hp fire + protect over destiny bond to deal with sczior switch ins. If you opt for a more balanced team cofagrigus or jellicent can prove as exceptional spin blockers (but gengar is #1 for offensive teams). regarding your question on support: wish is usually not very powerful on hyper offense as your not gonna switch to much. Healing wish would prove much more useful. Given the team i suggested i think togekiss should not be viewed as support but more as a wall breaker. Nasty plot + air slash should break most defensive cores and healbell/ substitute ensures that you don't get poisoned. Hyper offense is a unique playstyle that doesn't care about losing pokemon as long as one (literally on single mon) is able to win the entire game. Hence, support is less of an issue, the bigger question is: can you break any defensive pokemon in the game. More specifically: roost is immediate heal that eliminates your ice and electric weakness, while wish is more of a supportive move that normally requires protect as an additional move slot, As your move slots are very limited on togekiss, i would opt for roost. additional note: rain is at about 15% usage, so even if u are only 40% favoured you should be able to retain a positive win/loss ratio as only one out of five opponents will bring rain and you will win 2 out of 5 matches against them. Thus, in 100 matches, 20 will be against rain and you will win 8, so as long as you are favoured against any other playstyle you should be able to climb the ladder quite fast. PPS: try to watch yeikouchu (hope i got that right) on ladder, he has been in the top ten OU ladder for the past few moths (peaked #1 i think) and used a very similar team, so watching his games should help you improve immensely.
  14. sorry, I am currently very busy, thus I will not go into detail on each set and only post a somewhat generic team that is maybe already used by someone ( I used the exact same build except I went with Lucario/CB SCizor over SD Scizor). Maybe someone else can build something original in the meantime. But right from the start, I would recommend stone edge on gyarados over ice fang. Just like ice fang, Stone edge allows you to hit the most common dragons Dragonite and Salamence, but additionally, it lets you hit pelipper, togekiss (harder), opposing gyara and other water types. It also does not make contact, but that is just a minor point. on SD scizor i think bug bite > u turn makes a lot of sense, imo. Overall, I am not sure why scizor + gyara should form a strong offensive core, as water, steel and bug moves do not break very well for each other. However, they are both really popular in a certain archetype called Hyper Offense. Hyper Offense is currently highly competitive and viable in our meta game, so instead of providing you with a full build I can give you a concept for HO: 1. suicide lead 2. & 3. wallbreaker 4. 5. & 6. Set up Sweeper Unfortunately, the OU teambuilding compendium ( a great ressource) does not display images anymore and is thus trashed, so ill write some on my own (not a complete list obviously) 1. suicide lead: Dual screens or Spike stacking The most commonly used dual screens lead is Electrode @lightclay Timid/ Jolly 252Hp 252Speed Taunt Reflect Light Screen Volt switch / Explosion Spike stacking: Skarmory @Custap berry Jolly 252atk 252speed taunt bravebird stealth rock spikes Smeargle @focus sash whirlwind / taunt / endeavor spore spikes stealth rock Others include Aerodactyle or Froslass, but they are less common. Smeargle is also not common but still very good. For the sake of building a team lets go with Electrode. In Case you go for the spike Variant, make sure you include a Ghost type and another taunt user on your team! 2. & 3. Wallbreaker: The most notorious ones are probably Togekiss, Conkeldurr and Breloom right now. Taunt Hydreigon, Gliscor are a little less common lately but fit the bill perfectly as well. I would refrain from using Reuniculus to break, as it is simply to slow and the Trick Room Variant would screw over the rest of your team. Lets say we go with togekiss + breloom: Togekiss @Leftovers timid 252HP 252 Speed Air slash Roost Heal bell / substitute / aura sphere nasty plot If you encounter pure stall, Togekiss is usually an auto -win. I chose the timid variant over the fully defensive one, as this team is all about momentum and during my own games I felt that Bold is too slow and thus useless in certain matchups. Breloom @ Toxic Orb Jolly 252 Atk 252 Speed Spore Stone Edge Super Power Seed Bomb There are many variants of Breloom out there such as Sub Punch for example. This one focuses on speed and doesnt waste time with subs. Spore is extremely disruptive and can win games on its own. Stone edge allows you to hit some common switch ins such as Chandelure, Pelipper or Gengar. 4. 5. & 6. Set Up Sweeper: You want to use Scizor + Gyara, so we need one more. We could go for Salamence, Dragonite, Cloyster, physical lucario or special lucario to name a few. On this team I dont like the Dragons as it makes us very weak to Ice Shard Priority. Cloyster could be really cool. Usually it cannot sweep straight away though and needs a lot of support. Maybe Volcarona could work (probs works better with a taunt user on the team to prevent rocks): Volcarona @Life Orb Timid 252spatk 252Speed Giga Drain Bug Buzz Quiver Dance Fiery Dance If I have more time Ill edit this post and provide an explanation why I chose every mon individually, but for now let me just say this: Every single Pokemon on the team is able to sweep unprepared teams on its own behind dual screens. Your challenge is to identify which mon will sweep at the beginning of the game and adapt your playstyle accordingly. your win condition should never take unnecessary damage! So here is your final team Flaws of this team: No way to stop Volt Switches and very weak to stealth rock.
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