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  1. jfk

    comps and semi comps

    big changes; new stuff
  2. jfk

    comps and semi comps

    sorry, i shouldve kept it up to date, havent been playing much lately and forgot about it. I woudlve traded but its already sold :(
  3. Hey, I am fully aware that I am one of the lesser known players and have no accolades to prove that this guide is actually useful. Nonetheless, I wanted to provide a beginners guide to team building, as lately I get more and more question on building. I do not consider myself a better than average builder, however, all recommendations I give are based on the opinions of very good and accomplished builders. Hence, this can be viewed as a post that provides a compressed and structured overview/ summary of several building advices / resources. Further, this can be regarded as a complementary guide to the OU teambuilding compendium. Team archetypes General building List of resistances Good Cores Additional cores can ofc be posted below, in case a proper explanation is included, they will be included in the thread. Sample Teams I claim that the teams presented are either so standard that nobody remembers who actually built them or my own creation.
  4. jfk

    comps and semi comps

    bump and update
  5. misdreavus + mienfoo + vullaby + porygon and you are not too far off
  6. So I drew several ones myself, pls rate them so I can decide, ty. my favorite right now the other two
  7. not too bad of an idea though
  8. jfk

    comps and semi comps

    added new NU`s
  9. When I look at the pokemon and their power level and usage that are considered A and A- right now, I stand by my suggestion that reuniculus fits better in A- right now. And regarding Hydreigon, I am not saying it is not useful anymore, it is still amazing but just not as good as it was, so I would also again stand by my decision to move it from S to A+. My grasp of the meta game is not good enough to properly explain why, it just feels a lot less threatening to me than before. Additionally I think Gyarados could be moved from A- to A, and Mandibuzz from B- (lol) to at least B+, if not A-.
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