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  1. Out of interest - are you using the HD battle sprite mod, so your pokes look like 6th gen or are you down to using the more cartoony-pixelated style?
  2. Hey guys, quick question - do you invest into HP or Speed after maxing out Attack on CB Scizor? Or do you split so you can outspeed something significant/other Scizors? Thanks for any input!
  3. Gotta say I strongly disagree, I think randoms is a fun way to have some PvP in a more casual and fast paced atmosphere, which feels very refreshing from the stall-fest that OU 90% of the time is. I also don't think that it significantly lowers the playerbase of UU, thus not significantly hindering the new player influx of said tier. New players and veterans alike engage in OU mainly, because it's the most popular tier by far, not adding randoms won't change that, especially with the rewards being of less value.
  4. Gotta say I completely disagree. I think tuning up the difficulty of story, including the level cap, is a wonderful idea. Makes the story much more enjoyable and rewarding to play through πŸ˜ƒ Also, while it's surely more challenging, there isn't really a point you can't get through when adapting a bit, like there is no hard check for further progress. I think it's not only fine now, as it is, it's actually better than before.
  5. Is it, generally speaking, advisable to breed your parents or buying them? Like, I usually catch a poke, breed it to get a 1x31(or 2x31 if my caught one has 31 somewhere) and then buy a 2x31 so I can get a 3x31 with breeding items, then buy a 3x31 to get a 4x31 and so on. Is it much cheaper (albeit more time consuming, sure) if you just buy plenty 1x31 Pokes (they are like 10k these days) and breed up your own parents for the 5x31 natured poke you are aiming at? Thanks for your input! Boo
  6. What other hobbies do you have besides necroing threads in absolutely unnecessary fashion?
  7. Nah u got me wrong, I gave it to him voluntarily, I always do. Been playing since 2012. If they give me some of their time they can have some of my money, you know - you do something you get something. Capitalism has me firm in its grip, it might appear :D
  8. Thanks a lot, I opened a ticket =) Thanks mate, appreciated =)
  9. I don't have a team and asking someone standing around verm. city is as good as asking in global I think/guess? I paid him some bucks cause it's a favor he's supposed to do for me
  10. Hey guys, I got scammed by someone I paid 10.000 to for evolving my comp haunter and gurdurr. I have screenshots of everything, how do I contact staff for that matter?
  11. This made me laugh way harder than it should :D Dry as fuck.
  12. Just saying: Battling in Pokemon is not (just) about seeing what type your opponent uses and then switching in something that has a type advantage solely. Coverage moves exist, and if he uses a super effective one it might very well down you in 1-2 turns, depending on the mon used. NPC battles are way more challenging here, including gyms and E4 - and I think that's great, makes the battles way more thrilling =)
  13. Welcome, man =) Enjoy yourself and take your time. After you've played through all the regions, you have ample choice of with what u wanna do in endgame, most people go the pvp-route. Cheers =)
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