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  1. What other hobbies do you have besides necroing threads in absolutely unnecessary fashion?
  2. Nah u got me wrong, I gave it to him voluntarily, I always do. Been playing since 2012. If they give me some of their time they can have some of my money, you know - you do something you get something. Capitalism has me firm in its grip, it might appear :D
  3. Thanks a lot, I opened a ticket =) Thanks mate, appreciated =)
  4. I don't have a team and asking someone standing around verm. city is as good as asking in global I think/guess? I paid him some bucks cause it's a favor he's supposed to do for me
  5. Hey guys, I got scammed by someone I paid 10.000 to for evolving my comp haunter and gurdurr. I have screenshots of everything, how do I contact staff for that matter?
  6. This made me laugh way harder than it should :D Dry as fuck.
  7. Just saying: Battling in Pokemon is not (just) about seeing what type your opponent uses and then switching in something that has a type advantage solely. Coverage moves exist, and if he uses a super effective one it might very well down you in 1-2 turns, depending on the mon used. NPC battles are way more challenging here, including gyms and E4 - and I think that's great, makes the battles way more thrilling =)
  8. Welcome, man =) Enjoy yourself and take your time. After you've played through all the regions, you have ample choice of with what u wanna do in endgame, most people go the pvp-route. Cheers =)
  9. I don't think I will comment on this. A solid ground for a thoughtful discussion.
  10. Ah okay, I never played Pokemon games before PokeMMO, besides the handheld games up to the 2nd generation in my earlier years, and just read up on fairy types. I absolutely see your point, thanks for your input.
  11. Thanks for the clear input, the first and only one to do so - much appreciated! Yeah dude, let's be rude for absolutely no reason. Your contribution to this discussion is useless, my question was brought up in a polite manner and adhered to the forum rules and is thus legit. Welp, whatever, kudos to you for being a stellar example of this wonderful community. /close
  12. Can't really see the correlation, care to elaborate? Also (please) include into your argument how a banned move in PvP that enables 1-Hit-K.O.s and is, thus, rightfully banned compares to the point I was making. Thanks in advance :-*
  13. Title. The move isn't used anyway in competitive play, afaik, cuz dragon claw is Superior.
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