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  1. But he doesn´t have the line on his hat etc.
  2. That's not the same guy as I want, is it? Or am I blind? xD
  3. Where do I find this Ethan patch? AstroSpud said it was made, but I couldn't find it goddammit >:(
  4. I couldn't find it.... I searched Heart Gold patch and Ethan patch...
  5. Can someone make an Ethan patch? Like in Gold & Silver/Heartgold & Soulsilver, you play these games with Ethan, the main character, and you travel through Kanto (this region) and Johto. All I'm asking is if someone could create a patch with Ethan as your character, because I've seen someone do a patch where you can play as Lucas. But Ethan is more fitting. All the (In-Game used) sprites I could find on Bulepedia about Ethan: (From left to right) When picking a character, when walking in-game, when battleing, on the VS screen. Anybody can do it :)
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