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  1. Character Name: Firebrush Pokemon Name: Kori Pokemon Typing: Fire/Ice
  2. Hi, i'm new to PvP and Team building, so i want to ask if someone can suggest good pokes for OU team :)
  3. I didn't look if it was suggested i said: "Maybe"
  4. Hi, I know this thread maybe was created by tons of people, but I wonder if in the future you will consider to make an Android app of PokeMMO?
  5. Anyone know when the event starts in Lithuania time?
  6. Don't want to be mean, but i'm still waiting ?!
  7. • Theme About : Stephen Curry (NBA Superstar) • Your In Game Name : Firebrush • Login Screen : Moving • Your Team : - • Type Theme : Cool • Style Theme : Default • Color Theme : Blue, Yellow, White (Colors like in GSW logo) • Note : Good luck! :)
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