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  1. You opened up a whole other world for me... Making a thread on this site makes me want to cut myself with a plastic spoon.
  2. Hello, I don't really post or browse this forum often, but I figured I'd leave this here for me to check on every once and a while. Go ahead and post your favorite and least favorite artist(s), as well as at least one song associated with them. Click on the artist name for one of their songs! Favorite artist(s): Dance Gavin Dance and System Of A Down Least Favorite artist(s): Blood on the Dance Floor and Blink 182
  3. Just had my first day actually, pretty damn fun. I gotchu on that lambo fam
  4. I don't really play a whole much, but I appreciate it :) I just got a job, haha! Some car company that sells stuff like Lotus, Ferrari, Lamborghini, Porsche, Mercedes, Maserati, etc... I don't really care about cars at all, nor do I really know anything about them - but it should be fun.
  5. Thank you very much :) I wouldn't mind seeing it, haha. Thank you :)
  6. You aren't kidding, damn. From what I've seen on the profile pictures, there are a lot of cute guys on that team...
  7. MsKatsu


    Pokemon GO could be better, but it is what it is. I still find it entertaining, but I don't really indulge in it too much. In fact, Pokemon GO is the only reason I came back here, so there's that...
  8. Hello c: Ooo fun! What languages? To be fair, it's fun to learn different languages so that you can explore the world and be able to interact with others more proficiently. I personally think traveling to other countries would be very fun and each one would be a unique experience. Not to mention, it will help you land some jobs, which is nice. Also, learning a language is entertaining and a fun challenge for some people. I, myself, could never learn more languages - it's too difficult for me, although it would be fun to know more. Anyhow, you may think it's silly or stupid, but it's his life and that's what he wants to do :)
  9. I'm aware of it, but I haven't seen/played it or w/e. I just like the artist a lot, and he tends to draw a lot of Kantai stuff. I don't really watch anime a whole lot (as you can tell from MAL), but I do enjoy it.
  10. I think it's entertaining, I'm not going to get too much into it though. I honestly just need something to occupy my time while I sit at home all day.
  11. I'm with you on that one.. For level 50 battles/tourns, do your Pokemon actually need to be level 50 or do they get capped/reduced..?
  12. Since I have no job, I kind of just sit around at my apartment 24/7 so I don't mind... it'll give me something to do at least.
  13. Thank you, I will check it out when I get around to it.
  14. The site only really correctly pulls information from people who don't know how to encrypt their connection/data, but you can't see what's displayed for them anyhow so it doesn't matter much. Anyhow, do you know much about breeding on here?
  15. Well I mean, it's the site that pulls the information - but yes, it's incorrect.
  16. Interesting favorites... The only shiny I've ever owned was a Crobat; a friend gave it to me in elementary school for some of my new Pokemon. I don't really care for the shiny Crobat though since it's not really mine. I know a decent amount about IV/EV/Natures, I just don't know much (if any) about move sets, tiers, and breeding. I've tried looking up stuff for breeding before, but it all seems really confusing to me. Anyhow, I'll get into it all eventually, it might just take a while. Also, your signature is wrong... haha
  17. I'm currently just playing through both of the regions right now. Once I've finished, I'll probably just talk to people and try to breed/battle a little bit. I won't be that great at competitive play, but I'll try at least. I don't really see that many people hanging around and talking, so I'm not sure how well that scene will keep me entertained.
  18. That made me laugh, thanks :) 'Interesting Facts' would probably be the better term, haha. Haha, thank you. My luck in almost every game is pretty horrid, so I guess it's expected of me to never find any on my handhelds c:
  19. I would absolutely adore doing stuff outdoors with a significant other, that sounds really fun. The whole walk around in the forest at night while it's storming and holding hands sounds really cute to me. Unfortunately for me, I live in a desert... haha Anyhow, thank you :)
  20. I've never been a huge fan of sweets, guess that's a good thing though! Thank you :)
  21. I'm new to the forums - I played a long time ago, but now I'm back I've been playing Pokemon since I was little, and I stopped after ~Diamond/Pearl Out of the 15,000 hours I've probably logged on Pokemon, I've never seen a shiny! (I have caught a Pokerus though >.< ) About Me: IGN: MsKatsu Name: Kaitlin (Kate/Katie works too) Age: 19 (10/3/96) Ethnicity: French/Caucasian Favorite Music: Dark Ambient, Witch-House, Post-Hardcore, and Rap (NSFW - Language) Favorite Colors: Purple, Pink, and Black Favorite Food: Italian Favorite Movies: Django Unchained, Shutter Island, As Above so Below, & Spirited Away Favorite Pokemon: Mew, Plusle/Minun, & Espeon Interesting Facts: -I'm tiny... 5'4" and ~100lbs -I had to leave my College shortly after getting admitted to the President's Honors List (3.8 GPA).. I enrolled into my next semester classes and wasn't able to get refunded for any of them... >.< -Got kicked out of my house (sexuality) and was forced to live in a druggie home for a month.. I moved out and I'm currently living on my own in an apartment. I still don't have a job yet either... fun -Almost got kidnapped when I was a little kid on Halloween.. I went out at like 1am and saw a car pull up next to me (thought it was a friend), and two adults jumped out with a big white bag and tried to grab me.. I ran away and they chased me in their car until I hid in someone's yard and lost them.. Links: Steam MyAnimeList If you've read this far, share some fun facts about yourself; I'd love to go through them :)
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