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  1. Welcome to the game :))
  2. Welcome to the forums :)))
  3. 11/10 Love it! Thanks ! Keep the good work :)
  4. Name: Howz Team (optional): Background (optional): I want like... Brown and white fusion,Suprise me :) Render (Pokemon/Character): Linoone Additional information (optional): Nop Thanks :)
  5. Howzz


    Welcome to PokeMMO (I guess)
  6. Regular Sigs: Text: Howz Character/Pokemon/Whatever: Magby Background: Like a Black/Fire Fusion would be cool Anything else?: Your IGN (so i can donate you something) Thanks :)
  7. Damn,does anyone like my photo? :(
  8. betting 100k on portugal. edit: one person
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