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  1. Willy was Freed! Thanks to @MathewMat for hosting and to the Lava gang that showed up on this lovely Saturday. Fun fact, there were 7 entries with tied scores of 145! Congratulations to @xRdZiiiN for winning the event with a score of 154. Congratulations to @DestinyPlus who found a shiny wailmer, hail Lava! Group photo of the gang who participated in the after party on the 2nd floor of Slateport's PC.
  2. ozzie1550

    [läva] Team läva

    I'm looking fresh on Fresh Friday. MM's just being a bully
  3. ozzie1550

    [läva] Team läva

    England should have won 5-0. lots of missed opportunities. A little stunned at Russia.. right now i predict they'll make semis.
  4. ozzie1550

    Shiny Showcase

    Congrats Obvi, hard work pays off. Proud of you brother!
  5. ozzie1550

    Team läva Yearly Lottery

    #47 please - SirOzwald - 2nd Yearly Lottery and it's a dope one! Thanks Team Lava :)
  6. ozzie1550

    [läva] Team läva

    @Bearminator Thank you!! Always appreciative of you supporting Team Lava. We're the cutest bunch of actives around town and would like to keep it that way.
  7. ozzie1550

    [läva] Team läva

    It's a really good day for Team Lava, I'm proud of each and every one of us! Thank you all for the kind words (Grizlee) :)
  8. ozzie1550

    Shiny Showcase

    Add it - For LAVA!! *** *** *** *** *** *** *** *** *** ***
  9. ozzie1550

    [Unofficial] Shiny Existence Thread [5th Life]

    Thank you sir! Game Corner in Celadon. I think it's safe to say this noob won the lottery. Appreciate all of the kind words. I'm honestly still in disbelief.
  10. ozzie1550

    [Unofficial] Shiny Existence Thread [5th Life]

    Something we don't see every day. Welcome to the world Shiny Porygon!
  11. ozzie1550

    Team läva Lottery

    Number 47. Since Queenie is quitting, I'll take her number too
  12. ozzie1550

    Team läva Events

    Team Lava Catching Event Date and time: June 9th at 12:00 PM EST | 4:00 PM GMT | 5:00 PM BST (60 minutes to catch, 15 minutes to link your entry) Prize Archen - (f) - Naive - 6x31 - Lvl 1 OT: SirOzwald Archen is the perfect versatility pokemon, whether she's dominating the battlegrounds or just being a friendly goofball - Team Lava, you're all invited to get involved in the fun! Location Mudkip Pond - Route 120 - Hoenn Bonus Mudkip Nature of: Adamant / Impish / Relaxed = +10 Points Rules The highest total IV + Nature Bonus (if applicable) Pokemon will win this event Players can catch any pokemon found in Mudkip Pond All Pokemon must be caught in Mudkip Pond within the allotted catching time Once the catching time is complete, all participants will be given 15 minutes to link their entry Each player is allowed to submit only 1 entry Team Lava - Good luck to all & may rng be forever in your favor!
  13. ozzie1550

    Shiny Showcase

    Are these shiny?!
  14. ozzie1550

    Team läva Lottery

    #47 - SirOzwald ~ Thanks Team Lava!
  15. Team Lava Great vision without great people is irrelevant. Team Lava is only as good as it’s members - we’re thankful for you. Interested in joining a group so regal that when we wake up, we piss excellence? Take a victory lap Lava, you’ve earned it. Think you have what it takes?! You probably do - check us out and see that the grass is greener on the other side. Motto Team Lava is comprised of players from all over the world in all different time zones. This means that no matter where you're from, you'll always have active members online with you. Members, who are happy to help you with any aspect of the game. We pride ourselves in the ability to turn newbies into pros, whether you need help with the storyline or are looking for a competitive team, you can find your home here, at Lava. About Us Lava - the place where it’s better together. It’s easy to join the fun, just pick an activity! entering official Pokemmo events hunting shinies pleb farming game planning competitive strategies breeding the next competitive barbaric force to intimidate your rival nerding out with discussions of our favorite shows, movies, and live events. Whether you’re here to be the very best, or if you just want to put your feet up and hang out, here at Lava we like you just the way you are. Requirements Mature, respectful and kind players. Those who joke around and who are a bit more lively, know your audience, as everyone has different personalities. Activity: Don’t be strangers, we like active players, but understand that MMO, as fun as it is, is not life. How to Apply Leave a comment below tagging one of the Lava leaders, we'll be happy to connect with you via Pokemmo's Forums or reach out to a leader of Lava in game. IGNs below: MonkeyDMathew SirOzwald Masterkeyys imbatmans Tzet Calidubstep RakuenX Quadesh XRDZIIN Rules Be yourself, enjoy your time here and don’t hesitate to reach out. We don’t bite.. Rawr! Thanks for reading and hope to speak with you soon! ~MonkeyDMathew & Team Lava~

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