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  1. The universe has done it again. Thank you to all of the friends, supporters and especially Lava fam for helping make a dream come true. It could not be done without you all. https://imgur.com/rmND0gb
  2. Dibz - what can we say that hasn't already been said. It's great to scroll through and see the positive impact that you've made in the community and teams that you've called home. Lava was lucky to have you be part of our family. Once a noob, always a noob; come back and we'll welcome you with open arms so we can noob it up together. It's usually after someone is gone that we get to appreciate them or reminisce about the glory days. This is not the case for you. We had the pleasure of creating shared memorable experiences with you from the start and knew that we were in the glory days together! We'd do it again in a heartbeat. Don't ever consider yourself a stranger - log into discord and say hi. You know that any of us would love to chop it up with you again, day or night. Be well, brother. Much love, MM, Ozwald & Team Lava
  3. All of SirOzwald's chips on number 33, please. Let's let it ride!
  4. Hi Lava, Team bonding, building relationships, establishing cohesiveness and achieving greatness all go hand in hand. While we are all individual people, it takes a collective effort of good deeds and sacrifices to create a successful club. It's not just one person's individual efforts. You all bring something to the table and value to the team. It takes a lot to create something worthwhile and this workload is distributed across many who make sacrifices for the team and the greater good. We are all here to enjoy and have the best possible Pokemmo experience. I'd like to use this topic to shoutout those who have made an impact on the Lava family. You're all here for a reason, because we think that you're someone special who provides value to the community and vision that Lava represents. If you have a shout-out, please feel free to post it below and showcase it to the rest of the club for visibility. Not all heroes wear capes, but they do deserve recognition <3 There are too many great members to list, so I'll start with just 3. MM, Keyys & Bats, No matter how busy you all get in the real world, you always make time for the Lava members and provide a top-notch community experience. Your generosity, teachings, and donations are unmatched, yet you ask for nothing in return. It's safe to say that we wouldn't be here without you three. You don't need any additional tag, whether it be CM, GM, MOD, etc. Look at what you've created - I know that this is just the beginning; here's to a job well done!
  5. Ramathorn!! You're a great pokemmo member and an even better human; we're going to miss you buddy. When you have some free time, stop in to say hi, would love to catch up just like 'ol times... Love that your last departing gesture was to give MM 'worms' haha. Hope it's not contagious ;) Edit: I am now in possession of the wondrous worm.. fear me! (Rams hmu when you'd like it back).
  6. @LordMav - hey buddy, tried to reach out to you yesterday, but you were offline. Not to worry, one of us will be in touch soon!
  7. #10, please. Round and round we go - to the looney bin!
  8. Flareon - These words will never give a good-bye like this justice, but here it goes. You're a well-mannered and savvy intellectual. It's a sad day for Lava as you are and always will be one of the core members that brought knowledge and balance to the team. Take solace in the fact that we're currently enjoying great growth and success because of members like you. It's always the community of members that make a team desirable - good culture breeds positive results. Hats off to you! We wish you all of the best and for a fortuitous future. Don't forget about us here in PokeMMO - you're always welcome back and we'd love to have you visit, even if it's just to say hi. Hope our paths cross in the future. Don't be a stranger! To all of those who look to take breaks - we not only get it, we encourage it. Finding a balance is healthy and things irl happen - we'll always be here for you when you return. Good people and players are always worth investing in. Sincerely, MM & Team Lava
  9. Goku, the event looked like it was fire and the video you posted made me giggle in my pants. I'm not sure how I feel about this combo. More soon.
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