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  1. Just get a chinese name like me and you'll get ez shinies. No pero migo no te preocupes, hay gente que tiene mucha mala suerte, y hay gente que llega hasta los 150K ENCUENTROS solo por un shiny. Igual aparte, yo creo que sumando TODOS tus encuentros en total llegas como mucho a 30K o más quizá, pero no te creas que por pasarte todas las regiones tenés como 100K encuentros, porque no es asi, suben muy pocos a menos que estés horas y horas buscando hordas. Si querés un shiny te tenés que poner a buscar todos los días hordas (Obvio que si son x5 y con Bayas Zanamas es mucho más rápido, pero aunque no lo parezca ya con hordas x3 es MUY muy lento).
  2. Sorry but... even if you don't give an ETA, or announce something, people will just get demotivated and stop playing, like it's happening with a lot of players, appart from the fact that player retention is pretty bad in this game. . .
  3. Even then, even if the oldest characters are from today 10 years ago, we as players were told that the anniversary was one date, then another date, and another date, and another date. It's completely fine if you need to take longer time for the event, we're not devs and we could understand that. But fact that they weren't accurate at ALL with the deadlines or anniversary dates... Idk, we just needed better communication from the dev team and everything would've been better, and that would allow us to be more comprehensive.
  4. Yeah that looks really cool, I really hope we get pokemon mounts in gameeee In ANOTHER online pokemon game I have a Luxray mount lol
  5. If today 06/18 we don't get the update, I'm gonna have to give you 50K since we betted DDD: oh naww UPDATE: Well of course I fucking lost 🙂
  6. Even tho some legendaries get automatically registered on the Pokédex, I do think that this is a very very good idea, and it's also something very veeery small to add, can't cause any problems or anything. It's just pressing A and hearing a cry, then hey, pokédex. Sadly I don't think they will ever add it, these small suggestions that are just QOL improvements never get added, and never will :(( That doesn't matter at all, people want them just for collection, not for anything else. You don't catch pokemon ONLY for PvP, you can catch them for many other reasons, and a reason for having a legendary would be collecting. And you may think that's dumb, but as an old player, I do appreciate my first Aerodactyl which I got back in 2014 and my other many first pokemon. Personally I really think It would have been really cool to have a really old legendary pokémon as a memory or collection for myself.
  7. Understandable argument. And yeah I don't know if 2012 mons are thaat big of a deal to just make a shop ONLY for them, and this small... Idk, with only three mons you're better off in trade chat. Also @Johnwayneeyour Terraria builds are Insane, I love them
  8. Got moved to the main Tavern guide :DD
  9. Oh okay I feel we're getting it IN 3 days or LESS, not later. Let's see who wins >:)
  10. LET'S GOOO Tbf I really hope I lose so we have the event sooner lol
  11. Free & Repel shiny hunting spots Hello everyone! This guide is a little compilation of many great shiny hunting spots, a lot of them are FREE (Close to a PC) and some of them require only one REPEL (NOT repel trick). This is mostly a list based on the shinies I felt were good, some spots repeat themselves so you can choose where to hunt, and it's meant to be for anyone, so if you feel there's a really good spot that's free or only requires 1 or 2 repels, be sure to write it down in the comments so I can add it to the list. And of course, this wouldn't be a thing if it wasn't for @pikabuuh's Horde Location Guide, which put up a great guide of all the hordes in game, of all the regions. • Using 1 or 2 repels is still worth to get to a shiny spot, since [1 Leppa = $800] and [1 Repel = 400] / [1 Super Repel = 750] and each Leppa equals to 2 hordes, and a single Repel or Super Repel equals to 6 hordes. • Please make sure that what I wrote is right, if you see any mistake, let me know! (Daytime) 04:00 - 21:00 (Morning) 04:00 - 11:00 (Day) 11:00 - 21:00 (Night) 21:00 - 04:00 (Winter) = April, August, December Great abilities you can use while hunting: > Synchronize: 20% chance for wild Pokémon's nature to match. > Cute charm: 25% chance for opposite gender enemies. ------------------------------100% Spots------------------------------ Kanto Hoenn Sinnoh Unova ------------------------------Mixed Spots------------------------------ Kanto Hoenn Sinnoh Unova
  12. I don't know why but the palpitoad horde is mixed with stunfisks now I think. I used Sweet Scent on the water (The one you can't surf in, ofc), and I get x5 Palpitoad & x5 Stunfisk. And that same water converts into ice on winter.... I was just wondering, am I missing the spot? I asked my teammates to help me find it but this is what we found out lol, hope I'm wrong hahaha. Thanks Samuel for this awesome guide tho! ------------------------------------------------------------------------ Ok, thanks to @hannahtaylorto whom I messaged randomly, it seems that Moor of icirrus has 100% x5 Palpitoad encounters 😄
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