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  1. I'm naming my next shiny 'Boomer' if I ever get another
  2. Channel 69 or bust!
  3. Welcome my dude, hope you have fun here and also stay strong, don't falter and just do your best for your exam(s). I know you'll do great!
  4. Dayum, who's this hot purple kitty boy with a shiny slowbro, I'd smash tbh
  5. 4 minutes of hunting. Nice. Also Deino where :v
  6. @Bearminator Tell me to hunt a male ralts pls
  7. Slot: Backpack Design: https://imgur.com/a/ekvvS6d How's this for a backpack design? It's the Legendary Shield from The Rising of the Shield Hero :O First time making a game sprite btw so hope it's good enough
  8. Kaos likes shorts. They're comfy and easy to wear
  9. 36 please! IGN: KenDude EDIT: Nevermind
  10. Spoiler

    M O U N T A I N  M A N


    1. ZoroarkH


      T r i b a l    s o n g

    2. ZoroarkH


      uragirimono   >.>

    3. RenDude
  11. I sure hope so, need that Christmas bikini in my life
  13. HOLY CRAP THAT'S A DOPE GOLDUCK! Also of course special attack stat would be crap PepeHands
  14. Hey Ash, it's been a while! I hope you have a merry Chirstmas as well~ Nice song btw lol Here's a song from me:
  15. Fate is getting a new title! It's called Fate/Requiem, can't wait :) First ln volume comes on the 31st
  16. RenDude


    Just give your pokes a push in attack/special attack and you'll be fine. It's not a bug as far as I know.
  17. Yeah I like Eren and Historia together more tbh, would also make sense since the ending has been revealed with a long hair dude, which is most likely Eren, holding a new born baby and he talks about freedom as well. At least I hope the speculations are true
  18. Hi, have you found a solution yet? If not, try extracting the roms from their zip files if you haven't already. That might do the trick.
  19. The Eren x Mikasa ship is just rusting at this point. Damn that reunion was harsh... also Armin got fucked up. I wonder what'll happen to Falco now. Please have mercy Isayama, I actually like the kid. And Levi is absolutely screwed now, dunno how he'll get out of this situation.. he'll have to kill his comrades yet again even though he was dwelling on the previous deaths.
  20. Thank you for this! I've been thinking of building a secret base today, looks like I'm in luck!
  21. Hey peeps, I'd like us to discuss what we want and might probably get from the North Pole Christmas event. That includes, but is not limited to, pokemon, pokemon hordes, cosmetics and gimmicks.
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