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  1. By events I mean stuff like the lunar new year, Halloween and Christmas events. I've been away for so long so I'm not sure if there are other events, let's say for Easter.
  2. Alola in 2 days hype
  3. Kudos to the devs and the PokeMMO team for this event, gave me a good laugh and Jumpeon looks sick. Really sad we can't catch Jumpeon but at least we have the jump stone to remind us of our lord and savior!
  4. Just got yeeted out while thinking of new tier strategies, feelsbadman
  5. Team Name: The Bamboozle Registered: KenDude, TohnR
  6. Well @Kupokun using normal ability pulls for a chance of HA for a shiny sounds good but highly unlikely so I just went with a more plausible albeit expensive alternative that may have been accepted. Apparently though it was discussed already and have been rejected though I'll probably need a link to one of these posts or a GM to make sure of the statement. Honestly a 100% HA shiny mon in dungeons sounds good enough for me.
  7. The shiny rate is a lot higher than the normal games, and I doubt anyone would hunt for a shiny WITH a HA unless they have a lot of time to spare. The shiny pill will probably be high in demand as well, so it's a win for both sides.
  8. How do you think they'll be implemented? I know there probably won't be HA pills for normal mons but I think pills are justified for shinies due the fair btw shiny rate.
  9. RenDude

    Hello :)

    Welcome! I'm an anime fan too, hmu if you want some recommendations or got any questions about the game as well.
  10. Title says it all. Need to train for the LC tier but can barely find anyone to match up with. My IGN is KenDude so feel free to add me
  11. Ah yes, the best bugs: Ponyta, Abra and Staravia
  12. Need that cape as a substitute for toilet paper! Please @Bestfriends
  13. OH MY GOD I'M SO HAPPY! I've been hunting for 100+ hours with 34 shiny charms and donator status, Nature and IVs are big rip but at least it's female and has 31 Defense :D
  14. I'd rather have the devs rest for a bit then work on the previously teased dungeons and HAs
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