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  1. I feel like we're drug dealers rather than LC players now "*psst* Hey kid, want the good stuff? This is called Magby. It's a very hot item nowadays"
  2. For Flying Egg Group, looking for 31 ATK, 31 speed IVs JOLLY NATURE For Water B Egg Group, looking for 1*31 IVs in either HP or Spdef OR 1*31 spdef with Calm nature IGN: KenDude
  3. I realize the worth of HAs would decrease if we just made a HA ability pill but seeing as how rare shinies are, could we get shiny-specific ability pills for HA when they're eventually released?
  4. Fellow masri, welcome :)
  5. I was so excited to come back for Christmas but then I hear my favorite tier has been forsaken by the admins. I'm upset ngl. I've participated in most, if not all, the LC tournaments so far and they were always so late my time (like 1-2 am or by the earliest 8pm) but I did so because I genuinely loved the tier. Instead of making a matchmaking option for it in the system, you decide to just erase it? Please reconsider.
  6. Hey guys, I thought making a thread for LC players who would like to spar would be a good idea since LC is currently the least popular tier and there's no matchmaking for it yet. Just post your IGN and time zone if you're interested! My ID is KenDude ^^ hope to see you in-game
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