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  1. My take on this: The PokeMMO devs definitely work on the game (bug fixes and seasonal events, and the occasional new region every few years) but they're too busy/can't be bothered to implement features that will shake the status quo of PvP AND PvE. Adding legendaries and HAs will require a lot of balancing and discussions, which is why I think they're taking their time with it. I'd imagine making new sprites and boss mechanics (jumpeon, halloween event, etc..) takes significantly more coding and development work than just adding new abilities. They ARE very focused on PvP because that's mostly what the official endgame for main line games are. You don't see official catching or shiny hunting contests, do you? Yet we get frequent catching events multiple times a week. Unfortunately not everyone can attend those either because either the region is locked or live in different time zones, which is why that alone doesn't fix the lack of PvE content. We definitely need to spice things up a bit and make PokeMMO feel like, well, a MMO as in farm together with friends, share exp, go together in dungeons, etc... . If HAs are what we're going to farm in dungeons, so be it. I'd like new particle effects to be farmable there too, with a lower rate than swarms during Halloween and Christmas since dungeons are going to be permanent content (I think). They really do need to implement the missing modes/minigames in the game, it's quite jarring to see the "This function is not implemented yet" message randomly when I sometimes talk to NPCs. I'm fine with them working on that after dungeons and other more relevant stuff of course. While it is weird that Sinnoh and Unova are there but Johto isn't, especially since they had to work and integrate 3D into the game which I imagine is more work than adding another 2D region in Johto, I do think that Johto won't really add much content wise. We'd only get new hordes, and a couple more gyms for our daily gym runs. While that does sound cool, newer content that's not more of the same sounds cooler. I'd also like them to add more tiers, but seeing as how they yeeted LC as soon as they found it wasn't that popular instead of incentivizing people to play it by adding it to matchmaking doesn't instill much hope.
  2. +1 Got my basculin breed fast! Ty
  3. I know a delayed but perfect update is better than a rushed one, but it's been a month+ worth of delays. That is very disappointing. I guess I'll just forget about it like the Persona 25th anniversary
  4. Odd numbers in HP are "magic numbers" depending on the circumstances such as life orb recoil, stealth rock damage and leftovers, helps get less residual damage/more healing basically. Even numbers are great for bellydrum mons like Linoone and Poliwrath with a sitrus berry since you need 50%HP for the berry to work. Just to reiterate, if you can't breed a perfect 5*31 natured mon, the next best thing is going for 31s in the stats you'll invest in EVs. Just know that changing up EVs into any 30IV stat will reward 1 less point so the EV changing flexibility will be lost. There are many mons that don't need perfect breeds however but that depends on what mon and the playstyle you're looking for.
  5. I recall asking before about shiny mechanics and it was 2 IVs become the highest possible and rest are averaged, and even if you overlap 31 IVs, if they're not braced they'll also count in the pool of highest possible/average IVs. So gambling with 2+2 and bracing 2 IVs (example attack, defense and the other one has spdef and speed) will net you either 2*31, 3*31 or 4*31 if you're lucky. That said I dunno if gambling like this is cheaper than going for the nature outright but it's worth thinking over.
  6. Someone's gonna find a shiny during maintenance somehow
  7. You know at least if you want to make hidden abilities more rare, at least make pills for shinies. They're so rare that looking for a specific hidden ability on top of it sounds like a bad time
  8. Oh wow, yes something like that. I'm surprised this is the first time I've heard of it when it's been a thing since 2019
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