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  1. this started off so motivational and ended in a desperate cry for salvation
  2. Welcome n.n <3 there's a lot of stuff do on here, you can come be kawaii with me at vermilion, or you can y'know, comp with these nerds
  3. oh wow I did not know it would be done so fast!!!! :o thanks so much it's cool beans :D I made myself a sig so when I grow bored of it I'll put this one! shame you can't add multiple sigs anymore :(
  4. rate my sig pls I made it myself
  5. wow i luv ur sigs <3 Name: mayuyu Team (optional): Background (optional): something with purple/blue/orange shades and pretty nature (kind of like your original sig) ^^ Render (Pokemon/Character): shiny growlithe and if possible to nicely include shiny sandslash in it, otherwise it's not required! Additional information (optional): I'll try to find pictures I like but if not I trust ur creative arts I can donate 250k!
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