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  1. Hai

    1. kloneman
    2. Sparky


      What channel do you guys use and are you on?

    3. kloneman


      coming on right now

  2. Slot: Full Body Item: Various Pokemon Costumes I would get pictures, but that would be a LOT of pictures
  3. Thank you for sending me that PM! I appreciate it :D

    1. Saphy


      No problem buddy :]

  4. Look forward to that RP group :D

  5. oh I see. so its not really competetive, its just more of a 'for fun' pokemon. that about what you are saying
  6. woah. smeargle is really strange. I might have to catch one just for something interesting to have. Are they generally special attackers or psychical attackers, or what do they specialize in? This kinda makes me want to use one
  7. welcome treckon! hope you enjoy your stay I can see your a pokemon mystery dungeon fan. Great game, that
  8. welcome, brony! I sure hope this kingdom of pokes treats you like they do over there in equestria :3
  9. I wouldn't mind this idea, not like I've meet that special someone yet, but who's to say I wont :P
  10. What is it you would like see customized/made? Pokemon and the UI How would like see it customized/made? I want the pokemon to be in warrior outfits of a similar style to Pokemon Conquest Is there anybody you think would be able to/you would like see customize/make this? Someone that is familiar with this game would be ideal, if they beat it, even better!
  11. oh my gosh. I LOVE IT! It may still be in the works, but Im freaking LOVING it :D
  12. Sparky

    Oh Hi.

    Sparky and Luna Send their best holiday wishes. Have a nice day forums, glad to be here.
  13. I know, but he could at least pop in to give us a status update :3
  14. welcome! Enjoy your stay :)
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