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  1. neato awesome thanks!
  2. Choice of two colors: Black and Gold Name: BRAAAD Team (Optional): VIP Render: Mighteyena
  3. @BRAAAD I apologize for the time taken but I never want to finish something unless I believe it fits to my high standards. It took me a while but I think i made you the perfect Kakashi Signature + Avatar! Let me know what you think about them! Its amazing, when you get the chance (idk how much trouble it would be) can you change MATE to VIP? -sorry for making a super later change, but the team is different now-like I said, its amazing!
  4. yay :D
  5. Item (Signature/Avatar/Both): Sig Size: normal? you decide Render: Kakashi Hatake Color Scheme: whatever fits in your opinion-im not teh artist here Text if any: "BRAAAD" "MÄTE" ps.) no quotations there ofc xD
  6. ez pz
  7. snorlax deserves to be in uber, its too op
  8. I prefer Photoshop, but this is really nice, good job
  9. Hey startear, can you add the K? (you deserve a donation from me by now, whats your IGN so I can mail you money)
  10. ah yea i did forget the 'k' xD sorry. Its awesome other than that <3
  11. Like Ireland. the country in europe. Green White and Orange, Beer, Shamrocks, Leprechauns lol Like when something is american or english or asian or italian, etc.
  12. My Character : the most irish pokemon you can think of Size : up to you My background : something relating to that pokemon or type Animated: if you think it would look cool Border : Rounded corners please :D My Text : Shawn Team Chaos [ Ø ] My note : just make it Irish looking? Also, team under my name please? :D
  13. Looks awesome thanks :D (Id donate, but breed myself poor)