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  1. this is the trickiest to answer considering that the prices of these items increase by the day
  2. Ladyyyyy, I miss youuuuu!

  3. Hello Team VVVV, I was a player back at 2016 and I stopped for two years. I've always heard of your reputation and I was hoping if I could join your team. I used to be into competitive playing but the addiction for shinies got the better of my interests. Now, I want to dedicate my time for comp playing and I was hoping to join your team because I want to develop myself among Pokemmo greats. I've read the description for application and I'll try my best to battle with one of your players in game. Bless you all.
  4. Wow. That's truly an immense amount of lowering for the skarm! Thanks so much for the update!
  5. Current price for Shiny Skarm anyone?
  6. Hi bro. Youre Inescapable right?

  7. Heeey

    1. Sakustein


      Hello my basic profile xD


    2. Transendence


      You are female :o

    3. DarvinXD




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