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  1. On 1/14/2019 at 4:50 PM, EazyDog said:

    Prices for:



    Knight helmet?

    Jack o lantern?


    this is the trickiest to answer considering that the prices of these items increase by the day

  2. 16 hours ago, CupidOfSorrow said:

    Hey there Transendence.. It is okay if you take your time. I am in no rush tbh I thought id have to wait longer to get a reply onto a lead about this Ninetails. Valuating A shiny like this can certainly be a tricky issue. there are Ninetails Alike up for around 20m. I would not mind paying a little more for it. once you are done with your vacation we can talk more about it. 

    Hmm, it turns out that  KifKroker is not the OT of the Ninetails in my possession

  3. Hello Team VVVV, I was a player back at 2016 and I stopped for two years. I've always heard of your reputation and I was hoping if I could join your team. I used to be into competitive playing but the addiction for shinies got the better of my interests. Now, I want to dedicate my time for comp playing and I was hoping to join your team because I want to develop myself among Pokemmo greats. I've read the description for application and I'll try my best to battle with one of your players in game. Bless you all.

  4. 2 hours ago, Goku said:

    Female skars are around 15-20 imo. There are quite a few around which tremendously lowered it's value in the past few months.

    Wow. That's truly an immense amount of lowering for the skarm! Thanks so much for the update!

  5. Hello, so I'm back after 2 years of not playing. Now, I've seen that the game has gotten better since I last played so I'll be back online. I'm looking for a shiny Skarmory cause I know they look awesome. And now, I'm also looking for a Shiny Ralts if someone would be willing to sell. I will pay with $$$ and with additional shinies if I must. If you have these, feel free to name your price. Thanks so much!



  6. 23 hours ago, SrMetalico said:
    There is only one shiny drowzee in the auction and it is clearly lower at 10kk, I think 15kk is a fair price,
     it has quite high statistics

    too overpriced for that nature. Thanks anyway

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