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  1. this is, by far, the flashiest shop I have seen. It's simply adorable
  2. this is outstanding! I love it ^^ I can feel all the frustrations of all the chomp users out there, all in one photo
  3. this guy would go through the trouble of sending u a whisper asking if you'd do the finally breed so you can get the OT. I highly recommend ^^
  4. order along with payment sent via mail. pls check :3
  5. gligar seemed "okay" in NU though :3 and please, atleast ban yache berry garchomp from OU
  6. What do you guys think about a sub and ddance flygon in UU? I'm currently trying to master a sun team with this flygon as one of my phys sweepers. Moveset will be fire punch, d claw, sub, and ddance. Nature would be adamant. Idk if I should use leftovers or lifeorb though.
  7. This guy provides me with 5 amulet coins daily. Up cuz he always has 'em
  8. Thanks for the advice :) yeah i wont be expecting them to be estorm tiered cosmetics. But they look really cool and they seem very rare. But if a big increase within a year or two is to be expected, then they are worth the investment
  9. Hello, I am not sure if it it is allowed to discuss it here, but I have collected a plentiful amount of phoenix items in order to sell them in the near future. As limited items, do they have the possibility of increasing in price, perhaps a year or 2 from now?
  10. Yeah, profit is profit, but I do get what Heartdust means :D people have been offering around 200k for the boxes recently so it's all good
  11. Thanks for the tip :D I'll keep that in mind. As of now, ive been selling boxes at around 190k-200k since the buyers themselves make such offers :D
  12. Bump for any ditto buyers out there. I just added another box
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