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  1. Thanks for inviting me in this event!
  2. I know this guy personally. He had a lot of lucky trades which he told me about a lot of times.
  3. Thanks for this insight. I guess I wouldn't be too worried as long as the staff member investigating my donation wouldn't see it as RMT. I do understand this though, because some people would be tempted to do RMT in the guise of donating to people. These cases seem tough to handle.
  4. Hi there, this may seem like a dumb question but really, will I get banned if I donated let's say around 2m-10m or maybe a limited cosmetic to my friend? The root for my asking of this question is that I saw some people posting some things in other social media networks (e.g. Facebook, Discord, etc.) that they were banned for donating in game money (the common accusation be RMT) to their friends. This being so, I am on high alert of this because I am the kind of player who is willing to give this amount of money to a friend in need. Will I be investigated? If so, what is the fine line for mods to base this on RMT or merely donating? I've known many players who have been accused of RMT because they donate in game money to their friends. One player claimed to have earned around 400m in game money, only to be banned for donating 2m to his friend. Again,I ask what is the fine line? Does this mean that giving free ingame money to a friend is now illegal?
  5. I like these rewards. I havent gotten an OT Xythony comp yet, so Imma win this ez
  6. Current value for shiny ampharos?
  7. I suggest that you add a list of egg moves and which mons are the best mon for each egg group. Will help you out on this
  8. Winners for Spar-Tournament #1 1st: Xythony 2nd: DavidzRR Spar-Tournament #2 will be same time next week, tier will be UU, prizes will be announced some time later
  9. This thread is where we can highlight trades and services in the team. I highly suggest everyone to support each other's trades and services in the trade corner. The following are some of them:
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