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  1. I apologize for the late response. Was kinda busy these past months
  2. Yes please! Make it limited please devs
  3. I've been having a hard time unfriending people from years ago. I'd like to keep them in my friendlist with the hopes of seeing them again in the future and getting in touch with them in the game. I wouldn't mind slapping RP's for it
  4. Thanks for inviting me again bro, and good to see @GodofIshean too
  5. Hello Team! Welcome to this small preparation thread for Halloween. As you all know, this is the most hyped event in the game (at least for most players, especially those who are new to the game). I made this guide to help give an overview of what you can do in the Halloween Event. This is based on last year's event, so there may be some significant changes this year. Fighting Trick-or-treaters The common thing for most players to do in the event is to fight npc's of trick-or-treaters (I can't provide an image of what they look like because I can't find one in the internet, my bad). If you beat trick or treaters, they will give you either a spooky candy (95% drop) or a special candy (5% drop). Take note that the drop chance may change as to what the devs want. You can trade x5 spooky candies for (1) pc Goodie Bag. You can sell your goodie bags depending on market price. For special candy, you can use it to fight the Pumpking Boss, or you can sell it for 300k (yes, very easy money). What should I prepare? Firstly, you need to finish all regions. If you can't finish all regions, at least finish Kanto or Unova. Make sure that you have at least 3 Level 100 sweeper Pokemon. (Advisably get either Hydreigon, Krookodile, Garchomp, Haxorus, Gengar, or Starmie) any of these mons can sweep well against the trick-or-treater teams. Where do I find them? You can find them anywhere in the map, but they only stay there for a short while (estimated 5-10 minutes). Always check for announcements in global like "Kanto: Witch rt 7//Vampire Celadon Left corner// Ghost Pallet Town//Mummy Verm". Always be fast in finding them because some announcements can be outdated. BUT REMEMBER!! If you find a trick-or-treater, you also have to announce it to help other players. Let's help each other in Halloween. And NO TROLLING PLEASE lol. Hunting Swarms with Particle Effects Hunting swarms with particle effects is also one of the many things we do on Halloween. Last year, we had swarms of pokemon that easily had particle effects like Spinning Scythe, Spider's Web, and Zombie Grip. I'm assuming that this year, we'll also have these. (By the way, lots of players got shinies from these swarms last year like Umbreon, Spiritomb, Skorupi, Misdreavus, Gastly, Houndour, Drowzee, etc. all confirmed). What should I prepare? Just prepare a catching mon and great balls. Smeargle or Breloom Works. Keep it in your team with your sweeper mons. Where do I find them? You can find them anywhere in the map, just like trick-or-treaters. Always check global. Fighting the Pumpking Boss Fighting the Pumpking Boss is one of the hardest parts in the game, but the rewards are insanely good. During your first win against the Pumpking Boss, you will be rewarded with x5 goodie bags and the Event-limited item to Halloween 2021 item(s). After beating him the first time, you can challenge him again in either Hard Mode or Easy Mode. Easy mode is just as difficult as the first time you face him, the reward is x5 Goodie Bag. Hard Mode is so hard, it gives you nightmares lol but if you beat him, all the pokemon in your party will receive the Halloween Boss Particle Effect of 2021 and x5 Pumpking Goodie Bags. What should I prepare? Since it depends on how devs will nerf of buff the Pumpking Boss, there are many strategies. But it's best to prepare a team of Mienshao, Darmanitan, Typhlosion, Chandelure, Torkoal, Gengar all Level 100. These pokemon are the best mons for the event so just prepare. Also buy lots of Full Restores and Max Revives. Ghost cookies, pumpking cookies, and broom cookies are super useful too. For teammates who don't have them, I can lend my team whenever, and I can even coach. We fam. Flipping for Halloween items Lots of people use this event to flip insanely so if you are not into the event itself. Special candy flipping is good business for some. Others do RP and Limited vanity flipping. Others, like me, save RP and use it to buy Halloween Limited vanities. I save these vanities and sell them 3 years from now lol. Whatever works! Opening or not opening goodie bags? Opening goodie bags is one of the riskiest part in the event. It will either make you or break you, but it's super fun to see if you get a event-only item which is x5 worth more than the goodie, or if you get trash items. Again, whatever works for you! Just enjoy the game. If you have any more things to add, please comment below. I may have forgotten some things. Again, I'm basing everything of my experience from last Halloween, so this year may be different.
  6. It's that time of the year again! Yes it's my special birthday event and I plan on celebrating it this year by hosting a Random Battle Tournament. I'm inviting all SiFy members to join and some special friends who have been dear to me in the game here in my Transendence account. I hope you'll all participate! Invitations will be sent through mail. Prizes will be lit. Date: Sunday, 24th October, 2021 Time: 10:30PM PHT | 2:30 PM UTC | 4:30PM CEST | Time Zone Converter Location: Mistralton Channel 1 (Unova Region) Tier: Random Battle Special Guests: Puppan, Masterkeyys, Ishean, Tipsyturvy, RedxJunvil, ClaudyTzy, MeetMew, Unveil, Ejlorenz, Jgaw, and some other former SiFy members who are now in team Monochromatic. Tournament rules and style: It is single elimination, but best of 3 games. It will be tournament mode at lvl 50. Matches will be determined randomly by https://challonge.com/tournament/bracket_generator No side-betting is allowed. No trashtalking. Be punctual. Prizes 1st Place $ 2,000,000.00 Pokeyen + Shiny Vulpix (OT Puppan) 2nd Place $ 1,000,000.00 Pokeyen + Comp Metagross (Adamant Nature) 3rd Placers $500,000.00 Pokeyen + Semi-Comp Krookodile and $500,000.00 Pokeyen + Semi-Comp Dugtrio Consolation Prize 50k to anyone who arrives on time Contact me or David for more details. (Prizes will be added if donations come our way) Here are our tournament sponsors: Puppan DavidzRR Yours truly
  7. I know this guy personally. He had a lot of lucky trades which he told me about a lot of times.
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