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  1. I like these rewards. I havent gotten an OT Xythony comp yet, so Imma win this ez
  2. Current value for shiny ampharos?
  3. I suggest that you add a list of egg moves and which mons are the best mon for each egg group. Will help you out on this
  4. Winners for Spar-Tournament #1 1st: Xythony 2nd: DavidzRR Spar-Tournament #2 will be same time next week, tier will be UU, prizes will be announced some time later
  5. This thread is where we can highlight trades and services in the team. I highly suggest everyone to support each other's trades and services in the trade corner. The following are some of them:
  6. For this Sunday, we'll have an OU tournament. The prize will be 400k for the champion and 100k for the finalist. Good Luck everyone!
  7. The Weekly Spar-Tournament Thread The team will be hosting a weekly tournament to spark the flame of the love of pvp. As we all know, we have players who have really great potential. Some of us here have already been winning in Official tournaments. In order to nurture these skills, the Spar-Tournament thread has been born into existence. When: Sundays, 3PM GMT Where: Mistralton Channel 1 (by the airways) Mechanics: Either David or the Executives will announce a tier to be played the Monday before the tournaments begin. Comments fr
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