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  1. dcngerous

    [Screenshot] Noobs say the darndest things

    Apparently his ice beam does extra damage.. intresting.
  2. dcngerous

    Stupid people can't play this game

    dont worry be happy
  3. dcngerous

    Stupid people can't play this game

    No one cares how many languages you speak or what your IQ is, what you're saying just shows that you must be pooped cause you seem to do everything wrong. Maybe if you read what they say in the game instead of skipping it you would know what to do.
  4. dcngerous

    [GUI] Startear's Themes Work

    • Theme About : Psycho-Pass (Kougami) • Your In Game Name : dcngerous • Login Screen : Moving • Your Team : KSEM • Type Theme : Cool • Style Theme : Default • Color Theme : Dark Blue
  5. dcngerous

    RIO OLYMPICS 2016 - Discussion Thread

    Portugal #1
  6. dcngerous

    UEFA EURO 2016 - Discussion thread

    Quaresma #2 Seriously Quaresma should be starting
  7. dcngerous

    [Sig] [Art] Ploegy's Art Kingdom

    Text: dcngerous Gif: Something that fits the sig Character Render: Light Yagami Background: Something that fits the sig Anything else?: Make it dark red and put "You think I'm evil? I AM JUSTICE" Thank you!
  8. dcngerous

    [Tutorial] How to make Signature like a Pro

    Thank you for this tutorial, it's really useful and I might try doing some!
  9. dcngerous

    [Sig] N's Free Sig

    Character: Light Yagami Name: dcngerous Text: You think I'm evil? I AM JUSTICE! I would like if you could make it like the one you did for Sewi. Thank you!

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