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  1. Great to see you guys keeping the name :)
  2. Any word on your ban yet?

  3. Seriously do it @fredrichnietze dont talk to me or my son ever again
  4. Happy birthday @Zymogen!!!
  5. Lol Liverpool are the only team that could be winning 4-1 and still look like they might not win
  6. [Free] Raederz 18th Shiny Lottery - Sableye

    It's tru tho, just gotta start speaking a deformed version of English and you're all set to go
  7. [PSL9] Player Registration

    IGN: Suneet Timezone: GMT Tiers Played: MMO OU, MMO UU, SM LC, DPP OU (not very well) Fluff: Most Preferred Manager: No particular preference Least Preferred Manager: yes the goon in very good Reserving a first page signup =)
  8. So Mae, a player with seasons of experience and pretty well liked throughout the community, isn't chosen, however goon, a player known for his shitty attitude and only 1 season's experience, is??? gj guys
  9. who's the I'm not playing because of it?
  10. [PSL 9] Predictions Thread

    I was 100% sure he did lel, it ain't there

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