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  1. Let's talk about teams.

    no pliz
  2. Love the competitive-ness of this game, Dunkirk gets a 2 day ban just before semis, smart move staff
  3. Looking for Czech Community

    You may want to "Czech" out global chat ingame :)
  4. psl X donation thread

    Real football >
  5. Happy birthday @TheChampionMike!!
  6. When we thought they couldn't get worse
  7. Schuchty Tournament #1

    Not near my laptop rn, but rynners gonna smash that walluguu's ass
  8. Isn't this the very definition of over moderation
  9. Channel 1 lol

  10. Channel 1 lol

    pls, search on your vocaboulary what does mean the word "Joke" :) instead to say or make bullshits here on forum thank you.

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