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  1. Team Name: TheUprising Team Tag: RISÉ Registered Players: Mewtwo Team Captain: Mewtwo
  2. You mixed up the Speed and Atk EVs for this, it needs 196 Speed. 236 Atk :)
  3. I might hace a 5x heraxross in my pc, hmu later, ign Suneet
  4. hehe, sorry bout that, but another team asked me to join earlier
  5. YESSSSSS @Oltan, it had to happen someday :^)
  6. LF team, can do UU/LC/Doubles/OU, most comfortable with UU/LC
  7. Can you PM me info about Wailmer, Lileep, Magnemite, Tailow, Dratini, Horsea & Onix