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  1. Gratz on staff k9!

  2. Gratz on staff :)

    1. Gilan


      thank you

  3. Gratz on getting staff my dude

  4. ayy @WolfgangDamien, gratz! (again)
  5. Making one now, hopefully it'll be finished before the contest is over :o
  6. I have a dream...

    CC on Monday, leggo!
  7. I have a dream...

    In, sounds like a plan
  8. but thats extra money, shouldn't the devs be trying to reward older players? lol, half of the "known" playerbase are quitting simply because of how much money + time it'll take to get loads of new comps
  9. shut up but you do need new moves? Like with eggmoves that were released in newer generations?
  10. This is incredibly stupid. This pretty much renders nearly every comp people have made in the past useless, which is bullshit. You obviously don't know the effort it takes to breed numerous pokemon, get the required eggmoves, EV train them, level them up to 50, and get the rest of its needed moves.
  11. I have a ton of RP, selling tons of dyes, hmu ingame or PM me here or just comment below

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