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  1. Suneet

    Azumarill / Marill Hordes

    Oh that works!
  2. Suneet

    Azumarill / Marill Hordes

    Welp, I though that all 3-mon hordes were being bumped rip really wanted shiny Azu :/ Thanks anyways Rache
  3. At Rt114 in Hoenn, before the update, while surfing, the only hordes you could encounter were 3 of Azumarill and/or Marill. After the update, that is the same. Should they not be 5 of Azumarill/Marill, or am I missing something?
  4. Is it starting now? Can you wait 5 mins pls, im updating
  5. Suneet


    what is an update e: grats on the shiny mander @Aerun ;)
  6. lol what kind of disgusting human being even roleplays

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