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  1. what happens to current GTL listings

    If devs are nerfing other aspects of moneymaking in order to make GTL more of a prevalent moneymaking option, why are they not understanding that limiting it to 10 days and less listings actually messes things up even more. Many items, ie comps, Dittos, shinies etc actually require much more time to sell than other things.
  2. I'm pretty sure they swapped around the colours of the def brace and the spdef brace which is also pretty confusing.
  3. It's too fun to do tho :) Not as fun as @Parke but still pretty fun
  4. this is pretty much all that matters @cchiovitti527
  5. Your Team for Unova

    Just Heracross, challenging G7 now
  6. [Video] Mission Spinpossible

    lmfao gl :)
  7. [BUSR] Bushido Reborn

    I gotchu Yeah, starters don't obey if overlevelled anymore
  8. Move Braces / Everstones to a new item tab

    It's from choosing an item from the poke's summary page
  9. Unova

  10. Unova Starters

    sounds ez
  11. Unova Starters

    Snivy then, not like it's gonna be that hard hue
  12. [Art] [Sig] Rikoudo's gallery

    Bonjour, my baguette friend! - Your name: Suneet - Your character: Garchomp - Your background (I you have one) Something to go with Garchomp - Your team (I you have one) RISÉ - Special thing (If you want) Could you make 1 animated one, and 1 non-animated one? I'll be sure to drop a donation Bonne chance mon ami!

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