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  1. NagaHex

    [Unofficial] Shiny Existence Thread [5th Life]

    Last 3 kids: I breed the Mienfoo :D
  2. NagaHex

    World Cup week #2

    Stelian (Belgium) vs. NagaHex (Argentina A) LC In 20mins, Vermillion CH4 EDIT: We postpone the duel approximately 25 minutes
  3. NagaHex

    World Cup week #2

    Hahaha #RematchPlease #RulesAreRules #Navefkngstaller
  4. NagaHex

    Akshit's Asylum [Vanity Items]

    Great service! Fast and trustworthy, an easy way to EV training! Thanks for all and the best for u bro!
  5. Oh, good data! I did not know that, I'm going to edit my comment. Thank you!
  6. Thanks for the guide! It's a lot of help, very nice job =)
  7. NagaHex

    [ES] Encontrando Cada Movimiento

    Lo se, solo lo puse aca por si alguien nuevo que no supiera queria criarse un Weavile con sorpresa por ejemplo y no sabia como conseguirlo.
  8. NagaHex

    [ES] Encontrando Cada Movimiento

    Agrego algo, a pesar de que en la pokedex aparece que Sneasel / Weavile aprenden el movimiento "Sorpresa" por tutor, es un error de la pokedex. Lo aprende por eggmove aunque no este especificado asi.
  9. NagaHex

    Rip my OT shiny

    Good for you, but isnt the only option. The server is full of people buying breeds, and get a shiny for lucky breed with own breeds has same value that one with buying breeds, because the YOU get the shiny. In this case its sad only why the owner dont know he was loosing the OT
  10. NagaHex

    Rip my OT shiny

    Yep, i know, but u never buy breeds on gtl for your comps?
  11. NagaHex

    Rip my OT shiny

    Its because the original breed hasnt your OT. Thats why the karp whit your OT has the asterisk on your name. I dont understand your reply, he got a OT magikarp whit lucky breed, dont buy it. He only buy a breeder for that karp..
  12. NagaHex


    Nice try, but no. Go catch a gliscor with antidote xD

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