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  1. tfw i come back to the game and havs still not banned
  2. might come back when the update is done :^)
  3. smh i forgot my username for this game goodbye 4ever i guess
  4. we're all dead inside hi havs banned yet?
  5. so does ikkee still plan on being active or
  6. as you can see i'm doing my best to keep it that way tru
  7. did you just identify me as a human? i feel harassed
  8. for some reason it looks like it devolved :^)
  9. man i come to check the forums to see you guys shitting on like 68 pages
  10. hey whaddup i'm quitting team too, that's the trend now amirite
  11. let's just discuss why both of you aren't banned
  12. stop this shit you know what's a nicer thing to discuss? why havs isn't banned yet
  13. roses are red fuck this poem i'm queen e: thanks mkie
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