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  1. fixing a 5x30-31 HP electric milotic 4x31 HP electric milotic 5x30-31 HP electric walrein 2x31 3x23+ sneasel
  2. I have extra time and a lot of breeders laying around my boxes so I figured why not do something to try and make some money. If you need more information, would like to buy anything, or want to negotiate prices feel free to comment, pm me, or mail me in game IGN: Sapphiresm Boxes are organised by egg group as well as possible. There is a fair mix of all stats, just ask if I have the pokemon with the stat you want and I will gladly tell you. All 1x31 pokemon (except dittos) are 7k and there are a few 2x31 pokemon that are 23k. All 1x31 Dittos are 10k each. Deals can be made for bigger orders Every now and then I will have a couple of comps to sell, here is what I have right now I breed perfect comps, natured, and adding hidden power when necessary. I occasionally do budget breeds depending on the breeders I have. No hidden power budget breeds. I will ask for 50% of the money before starting your order. When ordering make sure to include any egg moves wanted and if there is a gender or ball preference. I will also hatch the egg in a location of your choice. Type: Normal Hidden Power or 21k genderselect 6x31 1.3m 1.5m 5x31 1.1m 1.4m 4x31 500k 650k 3x31 300k 450k Budget breeds: Willing to attempt these for you if I have good enough pokemon to do it, pm or mail me with the information and I will let you know if I will be able to do it and what it would cost Egg moves: 25k for each egg move that you want Pokemon that require evolving to breed: 100k extra to the overall cost I will try to get your pokemon to you as quickly as possible, I will message you if there will be any delays Thanks in advance :D
  3. Found these like 2 weeks ago like 2 days apart This was a single encounter after hunting dittos for the longest time this i finally found after like 4-5 months of hunting
  4. IGN: Sapphiresm Timezone: EST Tiers: Pokemmo UU Fluff: I mean @OrangeManiac said I'm good I'm pretty sure that means something
  5. O: tysm Drae I love it so much you do some really great work <3
  6. om gosh tysm n_n i love it
  7. Choice of two colors: like lavender and purple Name: Sapphiresm Render: spheal
  8. Are these times with the flame body ability activated?