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  1. ReddoKun


    Anyways, I think this could function as a bike skin like the motorbike. Otherwise, there could be something like mounting a flyingmon and pass through water and some certain obstacles but aren't usable in caves. We could also mount a Lapras to surf faster in water but a bit slower in land (I mean, it doesn't really have legs.) and just mount a doduo and go running in the 90's lol
  2. It doesn't have to be lv100 imo This doesn't have anything to do with the latter but I can remember someone has a lv100 Bellsprout named Roots... havsha
  3. On a seasonal basis, there are Dungeons/Events that is held if that's what you're looking for.
  4. What? Where did you catch it? I want a Luxray >.>
  5. We need more information in trainer cards, something like giving information like Bio, team, ect... and allowing others to view our trainer card.
  6. Teams at the moment are just a group of people or communities talking and discussing about stuffs. Your popularity can also increase depending on your team and also the way people look at you can change from looking at the team tag right besides your name... But can't it be more than that? PokeMMO is a MMORPG. Massive Multiplayer Online. This means that we need the community to be more versed by being much more in-touch by each other. I listed below some suggestions that may make teams be much more rewarding and fun to join. Flexible Tournament Making More Roles and Permissions Titles and Trainer Card Team Shop Tiers Chat Bot I'll be adding more in the future.
  7. I need this in my life
  8. When you're breeding a comp and got a shiny after the 5x31 process or midway.
  9. In your opinion, what are/is the best quality of PokeMMO? As for me, FRIENDLY community. Low-Spec. How about you?
  10. Someone's getting his life back... What's a life in the first place?
  11. League Name(s): kinguy, MT Red Server(s): PH, SG Main Position(s): Jungle, Mid Main Roles: Tank, Assasin Favourite Champion(s): Rengar but rito got him nerfed so screw life. Division(s): Look for my profile and we'll talk.
  12. Goodluck with Ice Monotype, I do believe that Ice is pretty uncommon.
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