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  1. I do agree I was lucky because I overall had a better matchup, since all I had to do to win was weaken golem a bit before setting up lino to sweep, and I even got a lucky 2hp live on zang to help me kill golem, but I still think I could've weakened golem with spikes if the burn on venu didn't make me sac skarm. The burn on venu wasn't really lucky bc iirc it's a 30% chance for tri to give status and you used it multiple times, so I probably would've ran into the same scenario no matter what. However, I could've killed mag with hpfire and sac'd venu, but instead let it kill skarm, which I needed a lot for golem. Anyways idk if any of that made sense but my point is like most battles, there is probably going to be hax, which is apart of the game, and it could've gone either way regardless of the hax imo. I think you prob still deserved the win more, since you're actually good at the game while I on the other hand borrowed 10 comps for 1 battle. Only won cuz blazikens #1 tbh
  2. Heya man! How are u? what are ur available times for this week? and what timezone are u?

    1. Fipp


      CST, and I'm available most days after around 6pm(11pm gmt)

    2. Arimanius


      Perfect, I'm EDT so if I'm not mistaken you're one hour behind which means we have pretty similar timezone, it works for me, can you do it tomorrow between 6pm and 7pm your time? 

    3. Fipp
  3. If didi wants to then I'm down, but you'd have to uu which is your worst tier iirc. Really don't mind who my teammates are tho, as long as I ou
  4. me and aerun going sometime thursday or friday from 9pm gmt
  5. shhhh, why do u even remember that shit
  6. when can we play ?

    my timezone is EST

    1. Show previous comments  1 more
    2. Walpayer


      I prefer today friday

    3. Fipp


      wtf I didn't get the notification, sorry. you can't play at all today or tomorrow?

    4. Walpayer


      I can today too 

  7. Actually there have been 3, jj just hasn't updated the op
  8. IGN: fipp Timezone: CST Tiers: OU, UU Fluff: no u
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