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  1. we're glad u're not playing aswell, good luck on not having a 0% winrate at speadsheeting
  2. No Jice ? No telf ? No BILBURT ??????? Gz everyone and gz on the picks Coolio it's well balanced between communities and IG teams aswell.
  3. So I'm the only one thinking this ep was the trashiest of the whole serie ? Bunch of useless fights, non sense dothrakis deaths, terrible dragon fights, 30 minuts of fighting in corridors followed by a """""""HINT"""""" that Arya was the one killing the NK otherwise the show would just end right there, followed by another 30 minuts of fighting in corridors while they should just be all full of zombies already, followed by a shit scene of Arya killing the NK without any suspense. Putting everyone at the edge of the death was an obvious choice but it destroys the suspense, meh, I believe they could have done a way better job at using the NK's hype or add a plot around Bran to somehow make his death acceptable. MEH lf ep4 and shit storm at kings landing now edit : the only good thing in the episode was the sansa and tyrion scene imo, finally sansa stops being a uguu and realizes tyrion is a god
  4. I'm too tired and I don't feel like searching my words in english to express what I think about this meh You can't deny that most of the players have access to the comps they want/need nowadays, everyone is capable of building something solid, and even if they don't know how to, they can just copy builds from tournaments, or ask to other people (not that it wasn't possible before, but the breeding system didn't really allow you to have the comps you needed to build a team properly). You have a few particular things that differenciate bad from medium from good players : PvE : No comps at all Bad PvP : Having comps but sadly being at the same skill level as Fred Medium PvP : Knowing how to build something solid, how to play with an edge, how to close a game (that makes me think of medium chess players, who, in opposition to beginners, are capable to spot the path to end a game) Good/Great PvP : What I said above + spotting win conditions, lines of plays that can lead to a situation you want, finding ways to comeback, evaluating risks of a predict, or the thing I regret the most about Team Preview, predicting hidden pokemons, double switches and hidden pokemon switches. There's no doubt that the medium PvP player base is the largest, and I think it evolves day after day towards the good/great PvP level, thanks to the knowledge spread between the teams and the replays available. That's probably why gb claims such a thing. Some people will keep emerging from the medium player base and maybe surprise us all. Something that I can't really see happening before 2015 when the first step (obtaining decent comps) was already a whole lot of troubles.
  5. Did you just compare coaching in tournaments and coaching in PSL, not quite sure but I think one is allowed and the other isn't so WHAT'S THE FKIN MATTER ??? OPA #1 also too lazy to quote pachima earlier but ur great>good>>trash post was trash there are like 5 old players in the game that deserve to be called great, the rest are DoubleJ or Fred's tier : totally irrelevant. nice fucking books u wrote btw gb & nik
  6. daily reminder you played like garbage and lost to linken in PSL10 finals costing your team the tournament LINKEN
  7. I understood perfectly what you said, and answered to the trash you wrote in a very correct english, maybe read again, I'm afraid the mentally disabled person is you, dumb murican who can't even read in his own language. If you want a hint on why you're so fucking bad at pokemon you should start with the fact your atrophied brain can't fucking read 3 sentences in your native dialect. Who the fck are you ? *6 sentences litterally murdering you that I chose to delete because I shouldn't hate so much on a disabled kid that doesn't understand anything about life or human language in general* (writing "twice" is prettier than writing "three times", I know how to count, for example you have 47 chromosomes)
  8. You didn't win PSL 9 and waouh you won a game against someone that was barely playing the game, actually your biggest achievement so congrats mate. Now I suggest you to never write such a message again because you embarassed yourself in front of everyone, you're so triggered because you suck at pokemon ? Come on mate grow up a bit
  9. It's so funny because you and your siblings (old trash players) think you're good but you're actually brainless, before or now, you stay the same human being and the only thing I see is that your golden era has ended since more than 3 years, you haven't done anything major since, and you're a dogshit in PSL despite having 10 times the ressources of your opponents. The level must have been so fucking trash by the time I'm turning blind imagining Fred has reached top 2 in tourneys twice. You used to face players that had 0 knowledge about the game, the meta, or pokemon in general, when I began Pokemmo I had no idea what was effective against a fucking Slowking, and 2 weeks after I was 6-0 Walpayer and your other """"Legends""" with 3x31 comps in OU so I don't even dare imagining how fucking bad were these people you considered good in 2013. You can pick any player that ended in the top 50% winrate last PSL and he'll shit on 80% of your top 50% winrate players in PSL 1/2/3, the game has evolved, knowledge was spread, and nobody will ever be as clueless as before, and it's still evolving, players with great creativity keep inventing stuff, revisiting synergies, making PokeMMO's knowledge grow. It would have evolved exactly the same way, from trash to good (or at least "knowledgeable") if you switch the player base from 2k14 with today's playerbase, but skilled players like Frags will always be above everyone else in their era, unlike you, that can only be above people when these people are knowledgeless donkeys, your brain is inferior I'm afraid, blame your mum for it. for the TDLR guys : JJ is disgustingly bad at the game same zzz
  10. Split by wins > split by matches imo but indeed both seem meh That was exactly what I was thinking when I said "people that get drafted and don't get to play are 200% boned with the prize split by wins", I was also thinking about giving 50% + % of team wins, tbh I think both are ok but 50%+ % of wins is more fair. Anyway the biggest interest in PSL is to shit on everyone and not winning a 3M prize, so whatever
  11. ?????????? how many chromosoms did you steal from your twin before your birth
  12. taunting and not trading rocks for a twave on ur suicide lead when you play a counterteam designed to destroy jovi and after i've spent 4 hours last night just to tell you what you should do in every lead matchup AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH
  13. If I were a manager I would be drafting you and benching you so I can make an example for every manager in the next seasons how to win a PSL by not throwing a tier every single week with Jice in the team. TAUNT A ZAPDOS FOBF0EHFPIHEZFPEZF%EZHPEFHEZÖFHËZOHJIPEZK%FPOZEKFez*êzùlf$*pzelkf$*per,v zglvm $rm $f DZA£DLAZ¨DJAZD£PAZK DPZAK¨ZAKD Z¨PAPDK RPGL¨G FSD^f,gjpf,pmf,ermù;refùrl:cmù!z https://replay.pokemonshowdown.com/gen4ou-822087884
  14. 120m iirc Why does it matter to you ? I need to remind you that the amount you get is based on the amount of victories you bring to the team, you're not concerned by that
  15. Nahwel offering coaching wtf is this real life ? Since when do you pay to get coached by a peanut ? Manager's choice is neat but if you refuse to offer them the choice to pick SMOU you shouldn't have picked SMOU as a tier in the first place, there is nothing that justifies not having a chance to pick an extra SM OU game when you decided it would be a tier of your event. I don't really understand the reasonning behind this, if you don't want SD tiers (which would be a good thing bcs SMOU sucks) then don't pick one at all and add MMO Ubers to fit the 6th tier spot (I don't remember if there are a lot of Ubers but I think Dug and Wobb are banned aren't they ?) Now to answer you Nik, I think at least 30 players will sign up in SMOU if we keep it as a tier, if not more, you seem to forget Showdown is attractive bcs no grinding involded and the power of Pokemon's newest gens which attract a lot of ppl. The fuck kid ? me is dead ? I've fucking played a Doubles tournament with you 2 days ago fkin dog I don't understand why you don't want Coolio to host when he's clearly less braindamaged than every single host we've had since approximately 11 PSLs. The only 2 things that I find ugly in this PSL 11 introduction are : 1) A snake draft really is a shame, gambling your money on someone you trust to help in several tier and managing to find breakout players for 2 credits is more than a strategy, it's art. Not only that but a snake draft could really put some managers at a disadvantage (I dont think there are 8 guys that could be considered S tier players in PokeMMO right now, which means there will be a huge disparity between the teams that got the first picks in the draft and the teams that are picking last), back then we've had a few 2 rounds snake drafts before the auction began, and it was already a bit unbalanced even if it was PokeMMO's golden age. I highly doubt there are enough players in our current community to fit the role of captain/scouter/all tiers teambuilder/all tiers player to make snake draft a balanced choice. Now obviously I don't believe that it would have a huge impact on the PSL itself, but even if it impacts 1 game per week it's already huge. The value of S tier players should not be underestimated and if I were manager I'd buy a Gbwead/Frags/Axoa for 40 credits every season, without any doubt. Leaving the choice to gamble on whoever managers think are the best assets for their team is what makes PSL good in my opinion, and based on my own experience, almost every motivated unknown player I've had in my PSL team evolved from total random to break out player or almost break out player (supp Nahwel, Lotus, villa, ...) because they practiced/learned/played with people like Gbwead (only mentionning him because I've played 75% of my PSLs by his side but hi Axoa/Yub/Kril/Guerinf/Forf etc etc). Not only do they take part in making new players grow incredibly fast, but I've witnessed big players become even stronger, like Aerun, who litterally shat on everyone during PSL X and WorldCup, now, people are going to say it might not be because of Gb's presence, but after watching them talking teambuild and training for hours, it's definitely something that impacted Aerun's regularity during those last 2 events. 2) Snake draft will lead to some players being denied from other teams, even if the manager doesn't need them, I think some players will get picked and benched whole season, and be denied not only the opportunity to have fun but the prizepool with the idea you came up with of splitting prizepool accordingly to the player's participation in the team victories. It's the scariest point, and might be the biggest drawback of a snake draft even with everything that I've said above.
  16. No shit ???? Nobody would have thought
  17. Kamimiii


    Nobody wants to join your random team with random players, random hall of fame and random history.
  18. Kamimiii


    Seems like someone never got to round 2 here ... Good idea otherwise Laz
  19. @xStarr go fucking play our game lil kid
  20. Wow you really let him spend a night with your mum for my place in DPP ? F*ck you kid
  21. solid silver elo edit : not ur fault i forgot jovi played on ur acc
  22. childhood - played some PKM games on gameboy, DS, ... 2015 - I was finding PKM boring since a few years already (mostly because I was only a story player) when I aknowledged the existence of EVs, IVs, and competition which interested me a lot. Also created my first account ever on MMO and really like the fact you could see EVs and IVs, but at that time you had to lvl up a pokemon to see the correct IV and not "x-y", so this was too much effort, also I was playing alone, so I stopped playing. May 2016 - I started playing again with Flatolitou cause we talked about MMO and we hopped on the game to see if it had changed, it had. We started tryharding as soon as we logged on, breeding a full competitive team in 3 days from scratch (we had never done real PvP before but we managed to build a solid team with blissey+gengar cause this was during the period when almost everything was playable in OU) and wrecking some big names on the ladder instantly, like giantpipe or other ppl from top 10, which was pretty huge for us. 1 week later - We bred a few other perfect pokemons, and we were looking for a team. I searched on french forums (FFP French Federation of PokeMMO) and RNG appeared like the only french competitive team at that time. I legit instantly PM'd Schuchty and XPLOZ to tell them we wanted to join, and after we talked a bit on TS we were invited to the best team that ever existed. May 2016 -> now - Great moments, great IRL meeting, so much laughs, it really was a pleasure to do nothing but being shit at the game for months and laugh so hard at everything. Thinking about it this gives me the feels but there really were some crazy dank moments. Too bad shit happened w/ the team early 2017 + game got boring cause this could have continued a long time. I miss you guys, hope we can do that crazy meeting we talked about during 2018 summer holidays <3 @gbwead @Crazyhell @DiDi @WaterFTW @nadeelia @XPLOZ @Sashaolin @guerinf @notRNGplebs @everyone this shit doesnt work anymore fuck @s EDIT : oh and also summer holidays 2017 - got some really satisfying PSL moments even if team choked like mongos in finals, that was dope, too bad there wasnt time for another PSL cause it would have been a good reason to stick to MMO so ty for this event @DoubleJ @BurntZebra and every name hiding being the term "PSL"
  23. Most of the sets are unperfect or simply bad but it gives an idea on how the mon is played. I stopped reading after seeing Arcanine's sets to be honest so maybe the rest is a bit better. Ask infos on the mons that you're planning to run before breeding or buying them I guess, because most of the sets might be outdated. I'll be glad to answer you.
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