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  1. Things are easier when you tell people they're dogs and move on with your life, just saying.
  2. If you dont quote the real names its useless u know
  3. 1-1 GG Shaymins, Ty Cali for the sportsmanship, Ty Naga for the games, fuck you @MaatthewMLG
  4. 25m on myself if my dumb manager subs me against intimidog
  5. Not bothering answering your shit again, explained to you already on Discord I didn't care about your trash life, go hide again in your cave and see you next week.
  6. @NagaHex Available from 8PM to 1AM GMT+1 every day, except on weekends (but I guess we won't wait until this weekend to play).
  7. No matter with this debate at all, I just realized I had way too many dogs in my friendlist and decided not to be a fucking dogwalker anymore
  8. @calidubstep @iJulian @drdray Cali : 5M Julian : 1M Dray : 1M Since a scared b*tch is weaker than a brave one, any amount up to 43M on myself vs Naga void if tie
  9. Did the other manager sub Naga when he fucked up the Thursday night window where I could play by ignoring me for one day ? I did let him know I was going to be ready to play 30 mins after the deadline and he is still reading messages as I'm writing this, so yeah, I not say more too
  10. @MaatthewMLG Si tu me sub in pas cette semaine t'es une petite daube.
  11. I had to borrow a fucking phone to a random guy in the train to let you know I was going to be slightly late, and even discussed it with the host. Had no battery on my phone the whole week-end and no computer. I'm here to play and you're here too, stop whining already and log on this shitty game Edit : You're a dog and dw I was never ever scared to face such a dog.
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