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  1. UU: Kamimiii vs AngeloDLZ Any amount on myself and any amouny on SIA winning the week. Tell me how much you want to bet !
  2. Poseidon and I after Tawla vs Limbow and Azphiel vs Endi
  3. That was JJ playing and I got haxed but I guess that makes it even worse yeah. Some people tend to get bored on this game Im just here to turn this sleepy community into a shitfest where everyone trashtalks each other to make every game hype because there is a looooong time we didn’t have hyped matches imo. Either you bring me back to the time we had some KB vs Frags, and games where the bets were shiny zards and I will consider not trashtalking every single dog I get to face to wake them um from the boring nightmare theyre having on this sleepy game, or you shut the
  4. Like I care about babies whining on a video game trying to find excuses to be cowards. Keep barking and enjoy being a nobody on a pokemon game you are very significative.
  5. Yeah I'm training for a whole week on a game I have no interest in playing since 3 years to let ppl play for me. Congrats on being a new addition to my kennel dog
  6. Taking if you make it at least 10m little pussey. (Cause thats what you are if I am a puppet)
  7. Why aren't you against me, my Gastly is waiting ... Everyone does
  8. 2m on every SIA 20m on SIA winning the week feel free to take lowers amounts or higher idc
  9. God Madara CRUSHED youngster Jose
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