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  1. Kamimiii


    tu crois que ça a un rapport avec ça ?
  2. Kamimiii


    Nobody wants to join your random team with random players, random hall of fame and random history.
  3. Kamimiii


    Seems like someone never got to round 2 here ... Good idea otherwise Laz
  4. Kamimiii

    League of Legends. Let's talk.

    @xStarr go fucking play our game lil kid
  5. Kamimiii

    [PSL9] One Punch Ape

    Wow you really let him spend a night with your mum for my place in DPP ? F*ck you kid
  6. Kamimiii

    League of Legends. Let's talk.

    solid silver elo edit : not ur fault i forgot jovi played on ur acc
  7. Kamimiii

    PokeMMO Nostalgia

    childhood - played some PKM games on gameboy, DS, ... 2015 - I was finding PKM boring since a few years already (mostly because I was only a story player) when I aknowledged the existence of EVs, IVs, and competition which interested me a lot. Also created my first account ever on MMO and really like the fact you could see EVs and IVs, but at that time you had to lvl up a pokemon to see the correct IV and not "x-y", so this was too much effort, also I was playing alone, so I stopped playing. May 2016 - I started playing again with Flatolitou cause we talked about MMO and we hopped on the game to see if it had changed, it had. We started tryharding as soon as we logged on, breeding a full competitive team in 3 days from scratch (we had never done real PvP before but we managed to build a solid team with blissey+gengar cause this was during the period when almost everything was playable in OU) and wrecking some big names on the ladder instantly, like giantpipe or other ppl from top 10, which was pretty huge for us. 1 week later - We bred a few other perfect pokemons, and we were looking for a team. I searched on french forums (FFP French Federation of PokeMMO) and RNG appeared like the only french competitive team at that time. I legit instantly PM'd Schuchty and XPLOZ to tell them we wanted to join, and after we talked a bit on TS we were invited to the best team that ever existed. May 2016 -> now - Great moments, great IRL meeting, so much laughs, it really was a pleasure to do nothing but being shit at the game for months and laugh so hard at everything. Thinking about it this gives me the feels but there really were some crazy dank moments. Too bad shit happened w/ the team early 2017 + game got boring cause this could have continued a long time. I miss you guys, hope we can do that crazy meeting we talked about during 2018 summer holidays <3 @gbwead @Crazyhell @DiDi @WaterFTW @nadeelia @XPLOZ @Sashaolin @guerinf @notRNGplebs @everyone this shit doesnt work anymore fuck @s EDIT : oh and also summer holidays 2017 - got some really satisfying PSL moments even if team choked like mongos in finals, that was dope, too bad there wasnt time for another PSL cause it would have been a good reason to stick to MMO so ty for this event @DoubleJ @BurntZebra and every name hiding being the term "PSL"
  8. Kamimiii

    League of Legends. Let's talk.

    You sound pretty emo oh wait
  9. I mean, it's still the same competitive event, lasting multiple weeks + playoffs, that starts with a draft and ends with a crowned team. This is PSL, with some added rules to spice up the event a bit, so we don't have half the players bored by the end of week 2. It would actually be really hype and fun to watch, a lot of healthy drama imo, which is what we lacked this season. This is exactly what we needed to allow ourselves to get another PSL before the update, otherwise it'd have been hard to build the hype with the exact same event right after a "boring" one. It will be pure hype, salty suite and drama, a lot of preparation and more interesting games from the players, that will litterally play with their lifes on the line every week.
  10. 1. Didn't think about that yet, gonna start working on that rn. 2. 6 yeah, everyone but your partner and a "midseason break" (but no week break fuck that) to draft released/midseason players. 3. Both managers I guess, maybe we could add something like 4 and 5 players from each original team in the playoffs lineup. It would prolly result in more strategy involved as a manager, could be really nice to see, cause nowadays it's a boring role tbh. 4. Maybe the sum of the points of each team to get an alliance ranking, then 1st faces 4th, and 2nd faces 3rd, what bout that ? 5. Yeah I talked bout that with gb already, it was the biggest problem imo but you just almost solved it lol, it would be really epic indeed. I think we need to add a few rules to prevent shit from happening but yeah, rly good idea. (this would get the min. amount of players at midseason to 12, unless we do the post regular season 1 player draft like I suggested, so we assure every team to have at least 9 players for finals) PSL9 - PokeMMO Salty League
  11. We talked about this and we think it is a good idea to include the released player to the midseason player pool, and ofc your alliance won't be able to pick them another time, they're gone forever. This way W1 released players will get another chance. Let's not forget that if you lose, it means you have at least the choice between 5 players to release. That offers plenty of possibilities, and a manager that makes the wrong choice will taste the released player vendetta in the next weeks. (unless W4,5,6, so maybe add another draft at the end of regular season ? Seems a bit weird but why not, a 1 player draft per alliance wouldn't be too bad I guess) 11 players min. per team week1, if you lose W1 = 10 left, W2 = 9 left, and W9=8left but you have midseason to pick other players so you can still play until playoffs till the merging. That leaves us with 11players/team min. at the start, and same for midseason (would need to buy 3 more players if you lost first 3 weeks to be able to play till the end even if you lose all).
  12. Wait 5 months ? Wtf man, it's gonna be boring already to witness the end of Gen 3 pokemmo till it turns Gen 5, but yo, no PSL in the mean time ? As Jon Snow said you'll be ruling over a graveyard. What about like 6 teams 10 tiers so we have 2 less regular season weeks, and 1 less playoff week. Plus we obviously won't do a midseason weekbreak this time, so that's a full month we can invest into hype building and found raising on top of the usual time between seasons. This PSL would only last 7 weeks, which leaves us with the finals before Christmas. Otherwise I don't agree with point 2, it's just lazyness from the players that look shit. Point 3 is true, but Zebra almost convinced me to give a chance to SM, even if it's not tempting at all, it might be a good choice. 4) Couldn't agree more. 5) I don't agree, you can take your team mates builds (hue) or teams tournaments winners use if you don't have time to build. bo3 is needed otherwise the issue of the game will be really random, especially with pump as only viable move, rockslide bullshit, etc etc 6) +10000 7) +10000
  13. Most of the sets are unperfect or simply bad but it gives an idea on how the mon is played. I stopped reading after seeing Arcanine's sets to be honest so maybe the rest is a bit better. Ask infos on the mons that you're planning to run before breeding or buying them I guess, because most of the sets might be outdated. I'll be glad to answer you.
  14. Kamimiii

    Game of Thrones Discussion Thread. [SPOILERS]

    dont say i cant read u're the cringy fk. now go kys useless girl u didnt even kill sansa (to answer the tyrion part i don't think he's gonna die, not that cersei isnt gonna try, but he was opposed to a lot of danys ideas recently and i'm waiting for something to really happen to explain with the producers created that fresh disagreement before he dies, maybe its happening in the next ep) i wonder what the cliffhangers will be, but one thing is sure with GoT, its gonna be a pain in the ass to wait 1 year before finding out

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