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  1. Nah I intended not to write your trash ass team because not only do you have 0% chance to win this PSL but will also struggle to reach semis.
  2. 10M that the winner of PSL 11 will be either Gardevoirs, Spared no Expense or Dynamic Monkeys.
  3. Well, we already knew Zhiko and enchanteur were going to have the worst names in history (after Transformer's Assemble !), but holy shit @Stelian wtf is this ? @MaatthewMLG T'as intérêt à convaincre l'autre con de faire une auction si tu veux pas que ton nom pue la merde également.
  4. we're glad u're not playing aswell, good luck on not having a 0% winrate at speadsheeting
  5. IGN : Kamimiii Timezone : GMT +1 Tiers : All of them (if you lend me mons, otherwise SMOU) Been trying a few teams a bit but stopped because of how boring and easy the tier was, litterally. Something else to farm likes dislikes : I'm better than everyone who signed up already.
  6. No Jice ? No telf ? No BILBURT ??????? Gz everyone and gz on the picks Coolio it's well balanced between communities and IG teams aswell.
  7. lol i almost choked and i choked for real this time jesus On a side note, managers playing this PSL make a rather big deal, you simply can't pick someone that has litterally 0 skill in comp, having someone that can play any tier as a manager is almost a must in this situation if you don't want teams to have 1 more player than the other teams. + Roxxass has nothing to do about this, she's in peace now, leave her alone instead of arguing like fucking Freds (yes it's a new word meaning reetarded, autistic and having a lisp that makes you sound as cringe as your speeches).
  8. Holy shit is that the worst player Kienzangoose has drafted who's trying to trashtalk someone when he says "I'm winning a lot recently" ? Should I mention you've never won a PSL game Tito ?
  10. So I'm the only one thinking this ep was the trashiest of the whole serie ? Bunch of useless fights, non sense dothrakis deaths, terrible dragon fights, 30 minuts of fighting in corridors followed by a """""""HINT"""""" that Arya was the one killing the NK otherwise the show would just end right there, followed by another 30 minuts of fighting in corridors while they should just be all full of zombies already, followed by a shit scene of Arya killing the NK without any suspense. Putting everyone at the edge of the death was an obvious choice but it destroys the suspense, meh, I believe they could have done a way better job at using the NK's hype or add a plot around Bran to somehow make his death acceptable. MEH lf ep4 and shit storm at kings landing now edit : the only good thing in the episode was the sansa and tyrion scene imo, finally sansa stops being a uguu and realizes tyrion is a god
  11. ^ This Not gonna add anything else, I don't feel like wasting my time writing to earn a manager spot which is gonna cost me a lot of fucking braincells. If somehow I get picked (would actually not surprise me that much with the sign ups we have right now), fuck my life but so be it. Also fuck Brelooms :) 0 SpA Swampert Hidden Power Flying vs. 12 HP / 0 SpD Breloom: 268-316 (101.5 - 119.6%) -- guaranteed OHKO
  12. I'm too tired and I don't feel like searching my words in english to express what I think about this meh You can't deny that most of the players have access to the comps they want/need nowadays, everyone is capable of building something solid, and even if they don't know how to, they can just copy builds from tournaments, or ask to other people (not that it wasn't possible before, but the breeding system didn't really allow you to have the comps you needed to build a team properly). You have a few particular things that differenciate bad from medium from good players : PvE : No comps at all Bad PvP : Having comps but sadly being at the same skill level as Fred Medium PvP : Knowing how to build something solid, how to play with an edge, how to close a game (that makes me think of medium chess players, who, in opposition to beginners, are capable to spot the path to end a game) Good/Great PvP : What I said above + spotting win conditions, lines of plays that can lead to a situation you want, finding ways to comeback, evaluating risks of a predict, or the thing I regret the most about Team Preview, predicting hidden pokemons, double switches and hidden pokemon switches. There's no doubt that the medium PvP player base is the largest, and I think it evolves day after day towards the good/great PvP level, thanks to the knowledge spread between the teams and the replays available. That's probably why gb claims such a thing. Some people will keep emerging from the medium player base and maybe surprise us all. Something that I can't really see happening before 2015 when the first step (obtaining decent comps) was already a whole lot of troubles.
  13. Did you just compare coaching in tournaments and coaching in PSL, not quite sure but I think one is allowed and the other isn't so WHAT'S THE FKIN MATTER ??? OPA #1 also too lazy to quote pachima earlier but ur great>good>>trash post was trash there are like 5 old players in the game that deserve to be called great, the rest are DoubleJ or Fred's tier : totally irrelevant. nice fucking books u wrote btw gb & nik
  14. daily reminder you played like garbage and lost to linken in PSL10 finals costing your team the tournament LINKEN
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