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  1. IGN : Kamimiii Country : France Tiers : Any tier Personal Note : I stole once 5M from a pooped kid to give to rich people. Discord : Kami#0970 EDIT : Void this sign up =)
  2. Paid Razi and sent the 5M I owed to Baklava to the prizepool of World Cup 4.
  3. Because I couldnt I didnt have my computer lmao. Are you braindamaged ? And let me doubt the fact I am whining about it when you litterally sent 20 posts in a week
  4. Yes I definitely need the 3M baaaaadly since I stopped playing 3 years ago. Logging on forums =/= ingame and excuse me if I am wrong but I see no point answering two fckers spamming my ass when Im grieving when I already did a few days ago
  5. I said I'd pay when I get home, I just got home after spending 2 weeks at my parents and guess what I read when I get on forums. 2 kids are spamming my ass. What a surprise, I guess I'll wait a lil bit longer so you can learn respect, idiots.
  6. Jesus ... As I told you Baklava, my granma passed away last week, I dont have my computer and I am at my parents since a few days now. Yet I keep receiving new notifications of you spamming my ass although I told you what was happening. Enjoy being a fucking poop at the eyes of everyone and shut the fuck up now Paying when I get home, sorry not sorry for the delay
  7. @Coge @KingBowser @SweeTforU @Moi send igns
  8. No because I dont like you, I bet with people who do not have a single digit IQ You’re a fkin waste of cells
  9. Let me win 20m plz you can sub me next week if u want =) @Imabetheverybest1 and I Saturday 5PM CEST
  10. I never say no to free money, I will gladly take it
  11. 10M like you said or more ? lil reminder for me : 5m SIA wins w/ Baklava 500k I win w/ Moi 3M I win w/ Sweet 10M I win w/ KB 3M SIA wins w/ Razi 5M I win w/ Coge
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