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  1. M-Dubs: iKillua vs Aerun OU1: AwaXGoku vs Kiwikidd OU2: Darker vs Zhiko - 100k @Quint UU: Stelian vs Busso NU: Kanicula vs Aurum - 500k @DrakeHope - 500k @Lunarck - 500k @xPauu Dubs: AkaruKokuyo vs Rendi M-NU: Mkns vs Mendez M-Dubs: InuyashaL vs Lkrenz - 100k @Quint OU1: CristhianArce vs DoubleJ - 1M @Sebat NU: JasonSparrowX vs SweeTforU M-UU: t-Moi vs Ninamik M-NU: Frags vs kaarnaa OU2: Purpleturkleton vs MadaraSixSix NU: Kriliin vs Cristi Dubs: Zigh vs Superman LC: TheDH vs WarwitoX Up to 2M on each bolded name. Up to 5M on Vermillion Vilains.
  2. mail it to Kamimiii ingame plz @LeJovi @Moi
  3. OU2: Schuchty vs Spxter (up to 5M) NU: MamaWally vs Cogeid (up to 1M) LC: YeyoXD vs Inxss (up to 1M) NU: JamesFaul vs xLuneth (up to 1M) OU1: Yosoyarca vs Zokuru (up to 1M) Dubs: Rendi vs PinkWings (up to 5M) - @LeJovi 100k LC: Banaedito vs TheDH (up to 1M) - @Moi 250k M-OU: LKrenz vs purpleturkleton (up to 5 M) NU: Aerun vs JasonSparrowX (up to 5M) LC: Elcoolio vs KiiritoX (up to 1 M) - @Moi 250k - @LeJovi 250k PAID M-NU: Zymogen vs MexiDany (up to 1M) I bet on the bolded ones, tag me with the amount you want to bet, you don't need to take the full 1M/5M, I'm down for small bets too. If someone wants to bet more tag me.
  4. Jesus you already got out of bench and lost, don't bring Toast to rock bottom with you. Let him fly and shit on the bench like the beautiful bird he is.
  5. I never doubted you both. I always knew you'd manage to live up to your dreams and sit confortably on bench instead of having to prep and battle.
  6. Things are easier when you tell people they're dogs and move on with your life, just saying.
  7. If you dont quote the real names its useless u know
  8. 1-1 GG Shaymins, Ty Cali for the sportsmanship, Ty Naga for the games, fuck you @MaatthewMLG
  9. 25m on myself if my dumb manager subs me against intimidog
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