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  1. Oh no, you have done my goal in PokeMMO! Well, I will try more. -Congratulations ^^-
  2. 10/10. The character and the font used for your text are perfect with this theme of snow. I really love it.
  3. Hello. Welcome to the PokeMMO staff. 

    Good luck. 

    Also, are you "MrRuak"? If yes, come in P.M. please. 

    1. Ruak


      Hi ! ^^ Ty so much, yes I am, I'll pm you.

  4. Hello. Character: Zakkusu Fea (Zack Fair, from Crisis Core: Final Fantasy VII). Name: ShadowGray. Team or any text: Mystery is destiny. Background: Scenery.
  5. Well. Final Fantasy VII Crisis Core is and will always be my favorite game from Square Enix.
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