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  1. Regards to new region

    wheres the difference between knowing if hordes will be added and not knowing? pointless thread yet again.
  2. Butler Shop reloaded

    Didnt have a choice....
  3. Butler Shop reloaded

    Since my old one got moved into the trash can, altough i spent a shitload of time designing it, heres my new shop. Wanna get rid of these: Sceptile: Hasty - 31/30/31/30/27/30 - Giga maxed, HP Fire, TPunch, EQ - eggmoves: Endeavor, Leech, Crunch, Synth Slaking: Adamant - 26/31/28/x/27/31 - Random Evo Moves - eggmove: Pursuit Tauros: Naive - 26/29/25/26/22/31 - Return, EQ, Pursuit, Fl.thrower - HP Ground Quag: Relaxed - 31/26/31/27/28/x - Recover maxed, EQ, Surf, Toxic - eggmove: Curse Idk, offer here or just hit me up ingame: Butlerrr Cheers
  4. I have a dream...

    the reason why i dont like kakuna actually rhymes with it.
  5. I have a dream...

    problem is we´re halfway through the month, so we´d have to reach an even usage to make up for the 16 days we missed. might make more sense to go for it next month.
  6. I have a dream...

    you can still use it in regular mm, its fun doing fancy stuff with pod nonetheless. like
  7. I have a dream...

    So apparently usage tracking doesnt include regular matches, but only ranked and tournament matches, which i didnt know before. Since i wouldnt wanna play ranked at a disadvantage myself, i gotta chase another dream. Tbh i didnt see anybody else use metapod in regular matches either, so maybe it aint time for the pod to shine yet anyways. Hope the whole thing made you smile nonetheless. cheers
  8. I have a dream...

    If you click the english graphic info it says its from deviantart and made by a user named spangleshanks, dont know why it doesnt say so in the spanish one tho. So nope, didnt do it myself and the credits go to spangleshanks.
  9. I have a dream...

    Hopefully it works now and the spanish version is added as well. Honorable mention will be added once i found out who did the translation, but whoever it was: In the name of the almighty pod, i thank you!
  10. I have a dream...

    If you told a few people who are into pointless stuff, itd help out a lot already.
  11. I have a dream...

    Since you told me to screen it you probably dont mind if i post it here @TheChampionMike But yeah, there we go guys, we got it confirmed. If we can manage to get the Pod into OU / BL we will have an official with a shiny Pod as reward. So what do we have to do now: If we really wanna make it happen we gotta spread the idea. We gotta reach spanish and french people as well. I got told that there is someone, who might be willing to do the spanish translations, so we "only" need someone doing the french translations. If nobody wants to do that, i wouldnt mind if you just told your french friends, who might struggle with english ofc. Obviously there is more nationalities in the game and i dont want to discriminate against anybody, but i think going for those two will benefit our cause the most. If you want to translate it into other languages however, feel free to do so. To get Pod to where we want it to be we will need the magical 5% Pod usage, which is about the same usage zangoose has in OU right now, so it should be doable considering you dont see goose that often. We wont make it as a small group though, so i´d perceive the whole thing as somewhat of a community quest. So if you think getting the metapod official rolling would be a cool idea ; if you always wanted to troll the TC ; if you crave for those intense metapod 1v1s on OU or just like the idea of going for something as a community, feel free to spread the word and / or to use your own metapod in a few matchmade games here and there. Thanks and let´s do this!
  12. I have a dream...

    damn, didnt even know that. guess its time to breed a timid pod then.
  13. I have a dream...

    Dont know if posted accordingly or not. In case i didnt, please move it to where its appropriate. thanks! source for the godly part, just to make sure.
  14. I have a dream...

    English version: Spanish version: thx to @SodaNaranja for the spanish translation. appreciate the work you put into it.
  15. Genderless breeding service

    Whatd be the price for a calm 31/x/27+/27+/31/25+ pory?

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