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  1. Stuff you need in your life

    ok. whisper me once you wanna pick it up.
  2. Stuff you need in your life

    sounds good. contact me ingame then.
  3. Smeargle can't learn sketch

    isl2 one seems buggy, didnt get to chose a move to overwrite either. took 1st automatically.
  4. Smeargle can't learn sketch

    sketched move A - empty slot B C and D, you then should be able to choose a slot to put sketch into.
  5. Smeargle can't learn sketch

    you tried to relearn after it had the sketch slot taken by another move, right?
  6. Smeargle can't learn sketch

    it cant relearn sketch via scales / shrooms?
  7. Update Unmasked.

    Items to breed baby pokes. Females have to hold them to get stuff like budew, munchlax, etc. Necessary if you wanna have extracensory on roserade for example. list
  8. Update Unmasked.

    incenses were added in the little slateport shop.
  9. Help Me.

    desu said 5-10 minutes in chat. i hope you have a great day and enjoy your stay ^.^//
  10. must be update hype

    for real this time?
  11. Competitive integrity in officials

    Didnt even consider this being a possibility tbh, so i naturally missed the joke. Having a hard time not uguuing since the topic gets me mad pretty badly, but thanks for making it clear.

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