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  1. spiritomb is an amazing mon due to typing in general, would be cool to have access to it. theres sableye, but its useless w/o prankster and stupid with.
  2. DrButler

    Competitive Tournaments

    even if people could win decent shiny prizes the game would be meh right now. lack of competitive updates just kills it, the grind still is fkn stupid and i doubt people wanna breed and rebreed stuff by grinding their souls away accumulating money doing gyms every single day like a frkn robot. i dont see a single reason to choose this game over showdown right now, cause people are quitting or going dead til update left and right and nope, shiny prizes wouldnt help with that. semi offtopic, but i felt like ranting. cheers
  3. DrButler

    [RISÉ] The Uprising

    in times of need a shall rember your words.
  4. DrButler

    [RISÉ] The Uprising

    except when ur afk or sleeping, which ur pretty much always.
  5. DrButler

    [RISÉ] The Uprising

    i see, have been wondering what happened to spark. well, i guess thats how the cookie crumbles.
  6. DrButler

    [RISÉ] The Uprising

    but u were either afk or sleeping. why did you even leave again?!
  7. DrButler

    [RISÉ] The Uprising

    i swear, i already typed out "or is it the game" as an edit, but didnt send. my friend list is offline as well. i dont know how to handle this, halp.
  8. DrButler

    [RISÉ] The Uprising

    why dis team so dead?
  9. DrButler

    Freedom of speech

    already kinda agreed with your first point, but you can use stuff while being dissatisfied with it. implications; i never said that itd be necessary to mock anybody or that itd be someone elses fault if i got banned for mocking someone. idk why anybody would be dreaming of being persecuted.
  10. DrButler

    Freedom of speech

    and while you´re right when you say we agreed to certain rules using these forums, it doesnt change the fact that having someone with a weird obsession with bears telling you whats funny and what isn´t or that you´d have to change your language, is quite questionable. forums got boring, but thanks for protecting all those fragile souls from having their feelings hurt on the internet.
  11. DrButler

    Johto Region?

    why dont you just play the fkn gameboy version then? if thats too lonely, start a whatsapp group with all the other johto clowns.
  12. DrButler

    Value Advice

  13. 31 only makes sense if you invest in that stat, otherwise 30 does it, so you can probably breed with 30def / spdef ones and sell the 31s you dont need. also people breed with 27+ so a combination of those in hp + def stat or both def stats can sell for cheap on gtl. wont make you rich over night, but adds up.
  14. the last time i checked my paypal was 2015.
  15. picking first is an advantage, but its also a disadvantage. i guess picking strategies come into play here. lets say you pick a top tier mon first; a) people know you got it and can counterpick and b) you pick a lower tier later on, so that means that for getting that power pick in the top tier you have to deal with a less powerful pick in a lower tier. thats what make this format so attractive in my opinion. theres stuff like conk, that needs to be adressed in some way, but every tier offers certain power picks. by having the last pick picking first in the second round of the draft this disadvantage can be softened up. looking at it this way picking first doesnt sound too good to me anymore. the way you suggest the draft player a will pick first, but from a lower tier, which just results in player b having the stronger mon and the chance to counterpick, which kinda defeats the purpose of paying that price for picking from a top tier. id just have a set order of people picking no matter which tier they are picking from, because, unless im missing out on something i dont see how advantages are gained if we go a,b,c,d,d,c,b,a. kinda repetitive - engrish. sounds funky, but just beats the purpose of having a well prepared draft imo. !

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