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  1. i do understand you dont wanna invest that time, but from what ive seen gb won more pre update, so youd have to adjust your list according to your own cryteria. even then your claim is inaccurate, since most of the people i put into OG won more back in the days, which would actually fit the cryteria you mentioned the be the go to. anyways. all i wanted to know is if im pooped or if we just fucked up communication somewhere along the way, so my jobs done here. have a good night.
  2. well, im sure you can tell me how many tours those people you listed won post and pre unova within a few minutes then. and no, the reason i didnt get what you mean is that a) you mention it the first time and b) you confused the shit out of me by claiming i said something i never did. you claim i sorted people by joining dates, i ask in which way i did, then you play the "thats irrelevant anyways" card. i mean srsly, wtf?
  3. because you insisted on mentioning it for whatever reason? so how exactly do you "sort" people who fit both cryteria then?
  4. ok, so you wanna put gb, just as an example, into NG, cause hes still relevant, tho he originally popped of in OG and by doing that we have more spots left for OGs, maybe for one or two that dont play the game anymore, so we can limit the spots of people who are relevant today. thats a rly good idea actually. and where did i sort people based on joining dates? idk, either im too dumb to get what you want or im not dumb enough.
  5. alright sir. OG: Frags - well pretty much set i guess, for obv reasons Sweet - dunno, doesnt need explanation GB - doesnt need one either. tho its a fkn shame he doesnt seem to try hard anymore, but rather tries to be as annoying as possible and passes wins whenever he faces SIA folks Life - when i started playing he was on the rise, after leaving rise and i respect him a lot. well rounded comp player and sick attitude, when he actually tries that is JJ - id rather suggest bowser or raaidn here cause theyve been frkn beasts, but since neither plays anymore, but LYLEs a huge part of MMO history and hes been at the top as well, ill go with him. tho that psl9 stuff was dumb af, i think he legit likes the game and the people who play(ed) it Krenz - been around for ages, won a ton, still wins, tho he sucks at dubs smh (you said that yourself) enchanteur - prolly the person i despise most in this game, but chances are he didnt get coached/paid people to pass in every single one of his official wins, tho that wouldnt surprise me too much. creates some awesome hype, cause his shittalk always goes wrong smh Nik - personally i havent seen you play too much outside of dpp tbh, but you give me those mon junkie vibes, uve placed up there back in the day and i know a lot of people respect you a lot. E: oh and pachi ofc. he doesnt join officials a lot, cause...idk, pachi things. but his weird way of perceiving this game, in an interesting way and the fact that people meme him and then eat shit afterwards, priceless. theres way too many options when it comes to OGs, but most dont play anymore, so id leave the last spot open. NG: Madara - obv the best MMO player rn, cause who wouldnt wanna race cm bro vs cm bro having the bro with flamethrower and shock Mathew, the MLG one - improved a lot since he joined AW... personally i think he does weird shit all the fkn time, but hes placed pretty nicely "lately" Lotus - pretty versatile and i respect him a lot. maybe biased, idk, but personally id rather have other ppl in my bracket and other people would probably agree Mkns - idk how long hes been around, maybe im mistaken here, but either i missed him popping off in the pre unova era or he hid himself well Zhiko - Zhiko pro, nuff said julian - kinda feeling bad going with another NORE pick, but i think we can easily agree on this one. suddenly he was there, well rounded and respected member of our comp community Cali - i think its fair to put her in here as well. idk how she does it, but solely based on results she deserves a newcomer spot i think. rest is either one tricks, "oh theres 2 spots left, so x, y, z" or OG. _ probably plenty of other people one could suggest, but cant think of everyone else rn and i tried to go with names ive seen on forums or ingame within the last few weeks
  6. those NGs are OGs. ahhhhhhhhhhh. gb been around for ages, how the fuck can you even consider him NG, i dont get it.
  7. three of the people you named for NG were top 11 in 2016 already, which was gen1-3, four in top 13.
  8. ye, those u listed played before already, no?
  9. where does OG end and where does NG start tho?
  10. either we make it work or it wont any time soon. if you check the the mm discord, you see that there arent too many people that actually wanna play ranked at the same time. i think gbs right; ranked less often so the majority of UU/NU players has to gather at a certain time. but gl with suggesting comp stuff, cause its "the center of the universe" btw @Squirtle
  11. idk, i dont really think i said anything inappropriate, but i guess i trampled on peoples feelings, so sorry cali.
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