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  1. DrButler

    [PSL X] Week Four

    @AurumPegasus dunno if i didnt see it cause you left again, so friday, saturday or sunday and which time you prefer?
  2. DrButler

    [PSL X] Week Four

  3. DrButler

    [PSL X] Week Three

    had a good time. gg bud
  4. DrButler

    [PSL X] Week Three

    Titinn and me in 10
  5. DrButler

    [PSL X] Week Three

    omg, ur a goat <3
  6. DrButler

    [PSL X] Week Three

    guess ill lose then, fuck.
  7. this! that prize was supposed to be used for a NU, which got canceled. why is it a UU prize now?
  8. DrButler

    [PSL X] Week Two

    the first one or the second one?
  9. DrButler

    Shiny Trading? Where?

    shiny traders having morals, thats new to me, but i take it. i do understand that with shiny values dropping nobodies ever gonna be able to purchase those vanities that are overpriced af, but how is everybody having access to their desired shinies due to them being cheap a bad thing for the majority?
  10. DrButler

    Shiny Trading? Where?

    and you wouldnt do the exact same thing if you could? who do you want to improve the game for?
  11. DrButler

    Shiny Trading? Where?

  12. DrButler

    Unjust character namechange forced upon me AGAIN?!

    you´re clearly trying to impersonate that tristan guy.
  13. DrButler

    NU Matchmaking

    If you enjoy playing the tier being able to play it should be reason enough to Q up. I see what you mean by saying this, but i dislike that passive wait for someone else to "fix" it attitude. As i said, i think chances are fairly low right now, but once psl is over we should be able to easily fix this on our own.
  14. DrButler

    NU Matchmaking

    All people would have to do is join the Q, we dont need a solution offered by devs. We tried hard to get matches going one day; whispered several people of well known teams and matches actually happened. With psl going on atm, chances of that happening again any time soon are fairly low tho, since people probably wont risk their teams/mons getting scouted.

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