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  1. Rate my Team

    y u no jynx?
  2. Bad Lucky

    that the new shiny existence thread?
  3. Sand Stream in UU

    Yeah, didnt find anything either, so i started this thread. I mean we dont really have any competitors on setting weather below OU either, but i probably overestimated sand quite a little, altough i think sand veil could be quite a pain in the ass if used on gligar; future will tell tho. Guess i went overboard again, so thanks for clearing things up.
  4. Sand Stream in UU

    Ah ok, didnt know weather was still permanent in gen5. Didnt find too much googling and with sand stream being banned its no regular thing in youtube videos and stuff, thats why i started the thread, but that would explain it. I tried to throw a hippopotas into a gen5 UU team and when i clicked validate it said that sand stream is banned. Just tried the same with gigalith, same result. The weather setting in conjunction with sand veil is what actually concerned me. While hippos stats arent that great, even with an eviolite, its ability doesnt have any competition, so the theres no actual weather war, which results sand veil safely granting 4 turns of raised evasiveness. Would it be considered healthy or not unhealthy rather, due to sand only lasting 5 turns?
  5. Sand Stream in UU

    Yesterday i saw that sand stream was banned from smogons UU, so im wondering how things are working / will work in here. Will sand stream be available for the tier? Is sand veil currently banned under evasion clause? The only "counter" weather inducer would be vanilluxe, which probably wont see too much play. In Drilbur and Stoutland theres two pokes, which can abuse sand rush. Gligar, sandslash and cacturne appreciate sand veil, while Cradily could probably have easier set ups during sand, so id guess that theres plenty of room for sand teams. Thats what comes to my mind spontaneously, maybe theres more, maybe there isnt. Cant find any info on why stuff got banned on smogon, so i was curious about sand in our meta. Hit my up with your thoughts. Cheers
  6. [RISÉ] The Uprising

    RISE #1 good job guys ^.^//
  7. PP Up/Max for BP or something similar

    if you two got stuff to discuss go ahead, but do it in whispers or pms please. this aint a "things devs/mods done wrong" - thread.
  8. PP Up/Max for BP or something similar

    would be pissed if i encountered shinies, but guess im fine. oh nice. so people have the choice between being broke and playing comp, until soon. wait no, we could also nolife the game, just to pp max our comps. at this point, pp ups might be better official prices than non shiny comp gifts.
  9. PP Up/Max for BP or something similar

    @ mods: actually a suggestion, move pls
  10. So currently the cheapest pp ups on gtl are at 47k, which i think is somewhat problematic, considering even a full gym run including all 3 regions doesnt allow you to pp max a comp. I also think that maxing pps on a poke shouldnt cost more than breeding it, which is just an opinion, but paying 140k per move / 560k to max it is just frkn absurd. Yes, it would lower the income for people who plant berries to craft those pp ups, but cmon, those prices are ridiculous right now. So since choice items, orb and so on are important in pvp and can also be grinded through playing mm, could we have the same option with pp ups? cheers
  11. [RISÉ] The Uprising

    dont wanna play this this shitty ass game anymore. maybe i can pull it off this time o7
  12. Improving relations

    all you´re doing is spamming and shitposting, yet you call other people sadistic kids - funny. if you improved your english and you learned the secret techniques of spanish formatting you could be a decent hota replacement one day.
  13. Give us the downvote back

    whats wrong with letting people know that other people think their ideas are fkn stupid?
  14. Give us the downvote back

    Just in case some uguu spams forums with pooped suggestions, could we have the option to downvote the shit out of those autistic threads? Thanks!

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