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  1. DrButler

    Butler´s Wager Thread

    ggs my man
  2. DrButler

    Butler´s Wager Thread

    @SweeTforU ruining the score in here. ggs
  3. DrButler

    Wanna get rid of a few NUs

    Pawniard and Kanga added
  4. DrButler

    Lets talk about the state of PokeMMO.

    the only tier that isnt dead is the worst tier and key pvp mechanics dont work. nothing to do, but farming gyms to save up money for when pvp is playable. i know OU is active, but lets be honest, OU is shit. you didnt manage to promote UU or NU, theres no ladder rewards, so no reason but bp to actually join the queue of that fun tier and key pvp mechanics arent working for months now, and i dont even mean items or hidden abilities. so the only reason to log pvp wise is that one official per week, which is hardly worth breeding anymore. what to do? promote lower tiers pvp and make ladder rewards happen, so that playing pvp in this game doesnt feel as necro as it does right now. or give us the power to create tournament lobbies via matchmaking panel, so people can join spontaneous tournaments with their entry fees as prize or whatever - thatd be cool actually.
  5. Since (mmo) NU is pretty much dead atm im looking for some action this way. Taking 50-150k/battle, drop a message here or whisper me ingame if interested: Butlerrr. Score: 5:1
  6. DrButler

    Update Hype (tm)

    are updates usually announced as emergency maintenance?
  7. no love for NU, i see
  8. dont they usually throw in updates on mondays/tuesdays?
  9. DrButler

    [Unofficial] Shiny Existence Thread [5th Life]

    damn, that hurts
  10. DrButler

    Wanna get rid of a few NUs

    Hit me up with offers. Charizards: Timid: 30/x/31/30/29/31 Timid: 29/x/27/31/25/31 Adamant: 30/31/27/x/29/31 - DD, Acrobatics Houndoom: Hasty - 30/31/7/30/31/31 - Pursuit, Dbond set as Eggmoves Sawk: Jolly: 26/29/27/x/26/31 Kanga: Adamant - 31/31/30/x/30/31 - Circle Throw, Hammerarm put as Eggmoves Pawniard: Adamant - 28/31/28/x/28/31 - Pursuit put as Eggmove - lvl27 only eved in Att
  11. DrButler

    Value Advice

    sold it
  12. DrButler

    Proposed rework to the Shiny System.

    fk it, you´re not worth a wp.
  13. damn, wtf happened? this club so active all of a sudden.
  14. DrButler

    Proposed rework to the Shiny System.

    if theres no demand it means everybodies satisfied, so whats wrong with that? i do understand that you need a market and demand going to have people play this game and keep the "donations" coming tho. cant relate to that value/rarity e-peen stuff, so ill just pretend to understand/agree.
  15. DrButler

    Proposed rework to the Shiny System.

    you´re right, you´re just too damn smart for me. thanks for giving it a chance tho.

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