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  1. hey. my ign is butler and im kinda bored rn, so could do some breeding for you.
  2. DrButler

    Butlers wager thread II

    been slapped. becoming the best is hard. i will tho. ~ poem
  3. DrButler

    Butlers wager thread II

    uguuin at times, nvm
  4. dude, i swear thats was just what i thought. idk who you are and in what team you are, but ur so damn right
  5. DrButler

    Butlers wager thread II

    lonely and seeking redemption rn, bump
  6. so this is what doubles players feel like when they see a shiny gengar prize. tho gengar can be used competitively.
  7. and i farmed gyms... im fkn dumb. funny to see how people got temp banned for "abusing" the balloon/bp ratio tho; meanwhile china farms millions a day with berries.
  8. DrButler

    [World Cup] Bets and prediction

    @yangsamyou didnt send the 100k for titinn vs haazuu yet.
  9. DrButler

    World Cup week #3

    why in 5?!
  10. DrButler

    [World Cup] Bets and prediction

    NU: Haazuu vs Titinn @yangsam
  11. DrButler

    World Cup week #3

    camilo and i after lotus vs kepzal

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