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  1. DrButler

    [RISÉ] The Uprising

    @Havsha im not really good at this i think, but i hope you have a better time without playing this game and that ur able to put all the time you arent wasting on this game anymore into stuff thats worth fighting for and investing. think u got a rly strong sense for justice and you genuinely care for other people, so im glad ur not hanging around anymore in a way. was great to get to know you. cya on discord^^ @SweeTforU actually missed the frame u said goodbye. gonna miss the hype tripple mindgame matches with you and ur hax calls in chat. i think u were one of the main people that rly helped me grow, always looking for action, not getting tired of talking through shit, even when i got mad. have a good time in the army (if thats possible) and grow into a strong and decent adult jew. i feel like we coulda gotten to know each other better, but i also think we had a pretty cool time the way things went. glhf in real life guys.
  2. DrButler

    Butlers wager thread II

    came out victorious. enjoyed the matches, especially the second one - dem mind games. thanks for taking the time and GGs.
  3. DrButler

    Butlers wager thread II

    is saturday PST over now?
  4. DrButler

    Christmas Tag-Team Tourney

    ikr. but he had to pay the price for what he did last time.
  5. DrButler

    Butlers wager thread II

    could hop on now, you down? also, @DoubleJ seems like im 9 hours ahead of you, so id go with ur prefered time on saturday.
  6. DrButler

    Butlers wager thread II

    adds more hype the more it is, but can do 50k as well i guess. ur on right now? linoone putting in that work game two. close 2:1 in my favour, GGs.
  7. DrButler


    in the end it wasnt only in peoples minds. tho tbf, we didnt have too bad of a roster, some ppl are just too heavy to carry.
  8. DrButler

    Butlers wager thread II

    anybody? am horny right now.
  9. DrButler

    PokeMMO NU League - Discussion thread

    whyd you have the good ones eliminate each other before playoffs tho?
  10. DrButler

    PokeMMO NU League - Discussion thread

    ahead of creating brackets for devisions? i mean lets say we create a "weak" devision and a "strong" one. thatd result in playoffs being completely fucked up and good ppl playing each other before the real fun starts, then crushing the weak devision in playoffs. unless im missing what you mean that seems like a suboptimal idea.
  11. DrButler

    PokeMMO NU League - Discussion thread

    im a little confused. so lets say we form a league, maybe with several devisions - everybody plays each other in the bracket. where does elo kick in in that?
  12. for a second i thought ud give out good prices.

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