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  1. people suck with the way it currently works and the same people will still suck if this goes through. shouldnt waste my time like that, mb.
  2. its easier to focus on other people than actually getting your own stuff sorted, thus its even easier to make excuses. i dont see how your opponents team is any of your business when you prep several working teams or cores you can alter / choose between, but im over this making excuses bs. if you think the reason you´re not doing as good as others is the way brackets work right now im sorry for you and what im most sorry about is that i wasted time believing that bs myself. i wonder what the arguments would be if brackets got shuffled tho. "give us unshuffled brackets back, i lost
  3. would breeding that smeargle and the oshawatt result in 5 eggmoves being passed by any chance? if so, drop one egg move you wouldnt use by lvling until it learns tail whip to replace the egg move.
  4. i never said it should happen. i just dont see how it has any negative impact on tournaments. both contenders can scout, both can adjust teams or go with prepared teams - both go into the match on equal terms. the fact they added preview even helps people who arent in AW or SIA scouting for themselves, cause its fast and easy, so theres even less points to argue against sorted and revealed brackets than there was back in the days. how does cteaming hinder you from outplaying your opponent tho? cteams dont guarantee you free wins in any way, you still have to play bet
  5. being invested in a tier also means knowing what to bring when your opponent prefers certain mons. cteaming properly is a skill, it isnt as faceroll as people make it to be, because if it was people would do it. then theres the option of preparing several teams to choose from in avance, but people are lazy, me included, yet they think its easier to blame some bracket instead of their lack of effort. i tried preparing for that throh invitiational thing SIA hosted and what i saw was this: theres people like sebat, who always run the same core, ALWAYS (at least in NU), yet he seems to
  6. cant wait to see how enuguuo gets manager, after people will spend the next few days discussing coaching in psl. but we are serious about it! no more lip service! by offering to coach you people basically tell you that they think you fkn suck and people swallow that shit like the spineless little cats they are. imagine signing up for a competitive event, not willing to put any fkn effort into it and not even having the guts to face the outcome your lack of commitment would naturally result in. ill never understand, but kudos to people that allow other people to undermin
  7. you can pass moves pokes learn naturally when both parents know the move and egg moves and tms dont take priority.
  8. ok so: 1) if he didnt kick lotus in quarters cause flinch, itd be 2 less. 2) when i saw him hax lotus, i felt relieved and sad at the same time. honestly, mainly relieved, cause tho we´ve been team mates for ages ( <3 ), lotus would have been one pain in the ass to face in finals and i feel like winning woulda been a flip. since he got haxed; free - whoever made finals. 3) ahh ye, that good old rl excuse. im pretty sure he barely had any energy left to play the tour, which is why he had to resort to skill mons. if he had the energy he probably would have had teams that
  9. ye and cause you didnt you get 0 credit and i said so. idk where, but im sure i did. if i was too far off you would hardly be offended. ur pretty open about not giving too many fucks about effort and building in general and you use biba. feel free to prove me wrong tho; show me a single replay of santi actually getting a play right w/o clicking bdrum or sd beforehand. you wont find a single one. thats how taxing biba is. E: maybe he actually did a decent play by doubling biba into obv lix or something like that, idk. doesnt change the fact hes bad and made finals t
  10. i actually do cause someone mailed one. wonder who that was... doesnt change the fact that the most busted mon in NU is gallade. but going +4 with a single sd and hoping ur opp doesnt have a check is easier than properly supporting and building around gallade i guess.
  11. yeah, but maybe theyve been better cause you were around and maybe the current comp scene would have a higher lvl with you around. maybe im delusional here, but nowadays every tier has like 2 nice shinies each year (if we´re lucky). we dont have seasonals anymore. i havent been around at the golden age, but when i compare it to what this game is nowadays its harder to go balls deep in terms of motivation. we cant win shiny zards, eevees or turn one of our comps shiny anymore; we gotta deal with shiny ekans. bold claim, but have staff host shiny zard and NU would burn with passion a
  12. maybe ur just good at mons cause you put a shitton of hours into it, whether it be mmo or showdown. its easy to call other people trash when ur good at something i guess.
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