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  1. so why did they nerfed money earned by battling vs NPCs like we use to do? and we were doing way less money than selling liechi berry to npcs
  2. i missed your point. can you elaborate?
  3. so do the game managers plan to do something about the inflation? things are getting out of hand there is too much money flow cause of berrys. a friend of mine is planting berrys in 3 accounts and getting about 11m per week
  4. its hard for me to understand that why, in such game, RP itens is getting higher and higher prices while pokemons itself arent? Today with some patience you can find lots of 5x31 nature pokes for 800k only, thats absurd. And 500rp itens are getting listed for 1.6m on GTL, ABSURD!!!! Lots of people i know play the game only for the economy aspecT, to get richer and richer, to have all vanitys and this i wont understand TOO. For me its a POKEMON game, and i love to play with my pokemons... leveling, breeding, and mostly, the PVP wich is my favorite part of this game.
  5. they should ban anyone asking for 2m+ on a 500RP item ezzzz
  6. so its not guaranteee it will come back? it only means it "may or may not" come back? i want to be sure that i understood
  7. So lets take for example this item, a Reindeer Antlers https://prnt.sc/llb4i5 This type of item, being Seasonal... does it have 100% chance that every year it will come back? If not, how does "seasonal" works? thanks
  8. Hello and thanks for your help. Is there a command similar as /dnd, but allows me to receive the message while sending an auto one like "out to lunch"? Because when i set /dnd <message>, i dont see if someone pm me, only the other person will see the message. Thank you!
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