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  1. Im sure there are people out there.. other humans wont let me keep a record like this. Lol
  2. https://imgur.com/gallery/nOTYFUH WOO! I just want to thank the developers for keeping the game original. One of the best games out there! I will continue contributing to this amazing game! I challenge those who have interest to tackle this record.
  3. Pokemon Ranger outfit.. If it hasn't already been implemented.. This would be an outstanding outfit! Thanks for reading!
  4. lmao or perhaps they have caught on to me O-O >,> .. <,< .. Jk or maybe just maintenance :/
  5. Sup XelaKebert!

    I had just returned from a long life quest...

    I am filled with gasp.. What happens to the value of lucky eggs!? Also I have not logged on yet since 2017. Now knowing this information .. by searching "Lucky Eggs" using the sites search engine... I found data that Lucky eggs are easily obtainable.. that was my part-time career for this game. What other options are left now?  :(

  6. LOL that's another thing, when I found my first shiny chansey, I was wearing shades and it was like 3 am in the morning.. so I "THOUGHT" I had took a snap shot.. but I didn't, although its in the Shiny posting area of this site forum.. taken by aftershocker! :) Anyhow none of this matters for I shall encounter another 1 and capture my Teams mascott!
  7. Just holding pokeMMO records ( http://imgur.com/a/7QlyP ) that's all lol, Hopefully you all know how much I appreciate this amazing game :) soon I will and shall encounter the mystical beast, for a round 2 and complete my destiny!!!
  8. Hello it is I PokeSweep, the amazing Chansey capturing record holder of PokeMMO ( http://imgur.com/a/7QlyP ). I am begging to the GMs that may you all update the [Witch's Broomstick] into a dye-able item. This idea isn't a bad idea! .. I am more than sure many people would LOVE to change the color of this particular item, and that if it was to show up again in the gift shop (dye-able), I will purchase it asap AND return with a big fat TY! I am dreaming to be able to dye this wonderful Item green, in stead of just red, as of others could want it yellow or blue.. Please take this into consideration! I Thank You! :) -PokeSweep
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