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  1. Im sure there are people out there.. other humans wont let me keep a record like this. Lol
  2. https://imgur.com/gallery/nOTYFUH WOO! I just want to thank the developers for keeping the game original. One of the best games out there! I will continue contributing to this amazing game! I challenge those who have interest to tackle this record.
  3. https://imgur.com/gallery/nOTYFUH WOO!
  4. Pokemon Ranger outfit.. If it hasn't already been implemented.. This would be an outstanding outfit! Thanks for reading!
  5. OMG the "OTHER" Replies.. lmao love u guys BIgger than back! WOO
  6. lmao or perhaps they have caught on to me O-O >,> .. <,< .. Jk or maybe just maintenance :/
  7. Sup XelaKebert!

    I had just returned from a long life quest...

    I am filled with gasp.. What happens to the value of lucky eggs!? Also I have not logged on yet since 2017. Now knowing this information .. by searching "Lucky Eggs" using the sites search engine... I found data that Lucky eggs are easily obtainable.. that was my part-time career for this game. What other options are left now?  :(

  8. Pokesweep has returned! (http://imgur.com/a/7QlyP) outdated image It's been a while!!! A lot has happened.. I joined a military branch. I do not have my computer.. I had thought of checking out some games I used to play.. Then I saw that this game updated!!! I can't wait to return! I gracefully applaud the admins! "Awesome job well done!!!" I will be back soon to continue my records and catch THE legendary beast! Cheers! -PokeSweep
  9. LOL that's another thing, when I found my first shiny chansey, I was wearing shades and it was like 3 am in the morning.. so I "THOUGHT" I had took a snap shot.. but I didn't, although its in the Shiny posting area of this site forum.. taken by aftershocker! :) Anyhow none of this matters for I shall encounter another 1 and capture my Teams mascott!
  10. Just holding pokeMMO records ( http://imgur.com/a/7QlyP ) that's all lol, Hopefully you all know how much I appreciate this amazing game :) soon I will and shall encounter the mystical beast, for a round 2 and complete my destiny!!!
  11. Hello it is I PokeSweep, the amazing Chansey capturing record holder of PokeMMO ( http://imgur.com/a/7QlyP ). I am begging to the GMs that may you all update the [Witch's Broomstick] into a dye-able item. This idea isn't a bad idea! .. I am more than sure many people would LOVE to change the color of this particular item, and that if it was to show up again in the gift shop (dye-able), I will purchase it asap AND return with a big fat TY! I am dreaming to be able to dye this wonderful Item green, in stead of just red, as of others could want it yellow or blue.. Please take this into consideration! I Thank You! :) -PokeSweep
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