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  1. Hi, I noticed how I keep sending messages disproportionally often into the wrong channel in PokeMMO, while that rarely happens to me in other games. I think the reason for it is, that the text you are typing is always white and does not change color according to the channel it will be sent into. I think it could be really helpful and a large quality of live improvement, if either: 1. The text you are typing changes color according to the selected channel or 2. The channel you are typing into (left of the text you are typing) is highlited in the representing color. At the moment both of these things are just white no matter which channel is selected. Thank you for reading this and I hope you will give it some thought.
  2. Hi guys and girls, my ign is "Philipppp" and I am a new member of team lava. I am offering EV and XP training services: 25k for 1 maxed EV (252EV) 45 for a full Pokemon (510EV) if multiple Pokemon need the same (or very similar) IV spreads it is 5k for every additional Pokemon XP training to lvl 50 is an additional 30k per Pokemon. So as an example: 4 Wurmples would cost: 45k (EV training) + 15k (additional Wurmples) + 120k (XP to lvl 50x4) = 180k If you are interested /w me ingame or contact me on Forums. I usually get the job done within a couple of hours, depending on traffic. Have fun hunting and breeding friends! PS: If needed I can EV train without XP gain, but then you pay each Pokemon individually.
  3. Did anyone ever see a Phenomenon pop up right before their eyes? Or do you need to zone out and back in to see them, like it is fe in Shoal Cave tide change.
  4. Can someone do that while only listing: Audino, Swanna, Emolga and Alomomola Phenomena? maybe even split up in seperate sequences?
  5. I am not sure what you mean by "rng-heavy flee chance for dungeon hordes", because I have not a clue what a dungeon is in Pokemon. But if you are using this for normal encounters: A is the unmodified Speed of the player's active Pokémon, B is the opposing Pokémon's unmodified Speed C is the number of times the player has tried to escape during the battle (counting the current attempt). The result is mod 256. Then Smokeball is almost entirely useless in late game, since you are nearly guaranteed to flee with a lvl 100 persian/rapidash/smeargle (whatever people use for pve) against every wild encounter there is. The only time Smokeball does something is: 1. During the story if you are using a slow pokemon 2. To escape from trappers So if I were to balance it, I would: 1. make it not consumable. 2. make it not work for trappers/hordes, so Pokedolls etc still have an advantage over Smokeball 3. give it a lvl restriction like you did with Thief. So a lvl 1 Pokemon cannot escape from a lvl 40 one. Maybe maximum 5 lvl below the wild encounter. This would imo give the Smokeball value again, but it would not interfere with the things you mentioned, being Hordes and trappers. Furthermore, Imo there has never been a difficulty in wild encounters, since usually people are using starters or other fast pokemon for the story, who are usually way overleveled and thus escape easily or oneshot the wild mon, because faster. The only time wild encounters become an "issue" or rather annoyance, is when you are using a slow Pokemon, who cannot escape and has to take a hit, if he wants to oneshot the wild encounter. Thank you for the response, that was way more satisfying than anything on the last few pages.
  6. So why is Smokeball one time use then, when there are Pokedolls that can be bought and held in your inventory to escape a battle with even less effort thatn a smokeball? Your argumentation is beyond stupid and I am less and less surprised how poops like Trump are starting to rule the world.
  7. WHAT THE ACTUAL FUCK ARE YOU ON ABOUT! You are talking about FARMING a fucking smokeball or hunting shinies. That is NOT what this threat is about. I hope you are not native english, otherwise there is no way someone can have so much trouble understanding words. What you are basically saying is: Because you can just farm Leftovers by stealing them from Snorlax, Leftovers should be consumed after every battle. I don't care about shiny hunting, I don't care about damp or payday or falseswipe and spore, I know how to farm you god damn baloonhead.
  8. I don't want to find ways to get a smokeball. I know how to get smokeballs and farm items you baloonhead. I want to understand why smokeball got changed from a viable item to a useless item. The only purpose of smokeball now is to learn explosion and it get's consumed while doing so. I guarantee you, there is not a single player on this server who farms smokeballs for the purpose of using them to escape from ONE single fucking random encounter. Or do you think someone will farm 30.000 Smokeballs to go shiny hunting? while he has to equip a new smokeball to his leading pokemon whenever he fled a battle? What you are basically saying is: Because you can just farm Leftovers by stealing them from Snorlax, Leftovers should be consumed after every battle.
  9. Or you could just do whatever you want and use payday twice and buy a pokedoll instead of hoping to encounter a koffing.
  10. Smoke balls require you to farm for them, which costs you time and pokeballs. And it is not guaranteed you get one either. And all of that fighting and grinding to escape from one random encounter? You have to be insane if you believe that sounds like anyone would do that instead of going to the market and buying a pokedoll, which costs you 2 uses of payday.
  11. No it is not. because Pokedoll is the same buff and it is less expensive and it does not require you to equip it to your pokemon beforehand. Smokeball as it is would be better off not working at all, than getting used for one stupid escape.
  12. I just don't see your point. People buy their repells anyway. If smokeball works or not. The 10k on repells are still being spent. I still fail to see a reason, why smokeball would break anything.
  13. Because I hate being unreasonable. And that is a very unreasonable decision to change the item from non-consumable to consumable. Nobody brought up a single valid point why a working smokeball would "abuse" any mechanics, which are not already abused. fe by a dead abra in position 1. -Smokeball doesn't have an impact on repells, because they achieve different things. -Pokedolls are an item that is dead and has always been dead anyways. -People with ton's of money, do not care about the laughable prices for a repell at the market. Even I buy them in stacks of 100 and I am not even done with the story yet. And I would still buy and use repells even if smokeball worked.
  14. You can also just not talk to the static electrodes, since they are entirely optional always. There is always a way to only loot the items and not interact with the electrodes. You cannot tell me, that you are destroying an entirely normal item, because of ~1 or 2 mandatory static wild encounters, which are no trouble to beat at all. That is just a riddiculous argumentation. In Kanto it is one mandatory Snorlax and in Hoenn there is no mandatory encounter. In both Kanto and Hoenn you can just pick the Items from the Rocket Hideout without talking to the electrodes. Not batteling them is easily achieved by a repell. If you rush through the story you are using repells, because it is a million times faster, than a smoke ball. Also, someone who rushes through the story is using a gengar. Gengar does not need a smokeball ever. He just escapes. Smokeball only has value on slow pokemon. Nobody uses a slow Pokemon to rush through the story. That defeats the purpose of "rushing". Anyway. It does not matter anymore. My Pokemon are lvl 60 now and even my Slowbro can escape from every wild encounter without any trouble. I will not think about Smokeball ever again, because it has no use for me anymore even if it worked properly.
  15. A Player does not want to skip these usually. They are free rare Pokemon, which are not gifted. It is more to skip annoying Pokemon like Tentacools, which do basically nothing but stalling. they are not dangerous, they only cost time. I have not once in my life even considered fleeing from a static encounter. But also I don't see the benefit of doing it. these encounters are not hard, they are basically free Xp or a free rare pokemon. Escaping them would just be plain stupid.
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