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  1. Happy Easter!

  2. Good Afternoon all!

  3. Happy New Years!

  4. I don't know if staying up all night is the best choice i made once again before i have state bowling at 9am.. well doesn't matter i do plan to play this more i mean a lot more so i can learn more about breeding and other stuff but before i do that i want to beat all the regions and yes that means all of the elite four's but who knows how long that will take but if i take my time and plan smart it shouldn't matter.

  5. I am back from vacation!!

  6. I will be on vacation from 10/10 until 10/20 but not sure what time when i will be back tho
     but i do plan to play the game on mobile.

  7. Happy friday all!

  8. How is everyone day going so far.

  9. Good night guys and girls so have a good night.

  10. Happy New Years!!!! hope you have a good 2019

  11. Merry Christmas!!!!!

  12. Happy Thanksgiving!

  13. hmm i might start a let's play on here but not sure yet... since i dont know on what character to use yet but once i figure out if i want to i will post again

  14. Just letting you know that i did make my own team.

    oh ya Happy Veterans Day!

  15. I am currently planning/working on making my own team pretty soon but i dont know when but maybe in the next few days or so.

  16. I am planning to leave the GHIS team in game to make my own team since i think i am the only English person on the team (its a Spanish team) but i am to glad to be apart of it.

    My plans on leaving is unknown right now.

  17. i hope everyone had a great Halloween!

  18. Happy Halloween!

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