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  1. Hey were you on The Pokemon Server? (Minecraft)

    I recognize your username 

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    2. Pythonhier


      Omg! I remember you!

    3. Obsideon


      The server is still up but it is completely dead. Not even tene or 1ce log on. It was 1 month since 1ce had logged on, and 1 year since tene had.

    4. Pythonhier


      Oh man I remember when me, 1ce, and Tene all built a hotsprings in my obsidian mob spawner.  Those were good times.

      I really should have stuck around and became a mod.  Ohwell.

  2. Obsideon


    Hey, that name seems familiar... Did you play on The Pokemon Server (Minecraft) in the past?
  3. Obsideon


    I think I just remembered my username and then sent myself a forgot password thing. My username has been the same thing for years
  4. Obsideon


    Hello! I have been playing PokeMMO for about two months now, but have not really introduced myself on the forums, and I don't tend to speak in channel chat too often. I plan on becoming a competitive player in the near future, and I will probably jump into the UU metagame first. I already have 4 UU comps ready, with many of them being 5x31 natured, or 4x31 natured (Would have 5, but Houndoom was banned). Funnily enough, I actually created my PokeMMO account 2-3 years ago, but I was young and bad with computers at that time so I was never able to figure out how to install PokeMMO and the required ROMs on to my computer, so when I came back I was somewhat surprised to see I had already made an account, and then went on to install the game in about 10 minutes with no challenge at all. Anyway, I am glad to finally be part of PokeMMO
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