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  1. This can also apply for people who hunt items like Lucky Eggs or Dragon Scales. Doesn't seem vital, but can be a help, +1
  2. [quote name='PinkLemon' timestamp='1361889023' post='211084'] All events should be friday night, all day saturday, or early sunday, got to keep in mind of immense number of players who have work,school, college, etc in mind. [/quote] I still think the "every weekend" type of events (outside of Friday Night 50's, I will repeatedly stab Plizard with a rubber spork if they take away my Friday Night 50's..) is untheasable due to the fact that the staff are somewhat limited, and the staff would get tired of it eventually™
  3. [quote name='jakeypoo44' timestamp='1361801645' post='210031'] I need a name for my male qwilfish [/quote] PorcuPuffr
  4. I named my mixed subpunching Gengar "Shoe". Thoughts?
  5. Hide and Seek. All day. Every day.
  6. Item type: Hat Picture: [spoiler][/spoiler] Special note: Only avalable to players who were previously banned, force-equipped in gray, and cannot take off/replace it.
  7. I saw Metalkon (I think I got that right) post the same thing on the day of the update. somewhere in the General Chat or the Suggestion Box ([s]I will update with a link after forum searching[/s] didn't find it), so you should at least give him (her?) some credit in the OP.
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