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  1. Welcome. Roleplaying isn't really that common here
  2. In realtà sto usando un traduttore online, scusa se ​​ti ho indurre in errore :P  (Anche se io sono un quarto italiano).   I'm actually using an online translator, sorry if I mislead you :P  (Although I am a quarter italian).
  3. Benvenuti. E 'bene che hai lasciato un dizionario inglese poiché la maggior parte delle persone qui non capiscono italiano, sia perché è un requisito dei forum (Non c'è sezione internazionale come ancora).   Welcome. It is good that you left an English translation since most people here do not understand Italian, and because it is a requirement of the forums (There's no international section as of yet).
  4. You guys could always invert the quiz answerss for Blaine's gym on April 1st
  5. From what I read you think that they are hating because they didn't get the shinies you gave away, which isn't remotely the case.   Asking for stuff back that you gave is a dickish thing to do, friend or not.
  6. Tough. This is a public forum, and people are going to share their opinions regardless of whether or not it's their business.   And you wonder why people are 'bitching'. You essentially made a thread saying you started playing again and you want your shit back, and you're oblivious as to why everyone is hating.   Not sure about you, but this makes you seem like a definite  
  7. I'm sorry, they're desperate? You didn't let people borrow your shinies, you gave your shinies to them, they are in no way, shape, or form obligated to return them to you.   In my opinion, it takes a very self-righteous fuck to just demand the returning of shinies you gave away and wonder why everyone is 'hating' on you [spoiler]>desp[/spoiler]
  8. Maybe it has something to do with, gee, I don't know, asking for stuff you gave away back
  9. Yea, something else [spoiler]Like[spoiler]Jumpeon[/spoiler][/spoiler]
  10. They'd give you shinies anyways
  11. Did you tell them your a girl?
  12. You seemed so innocent when you first joined...
  13. Amanu confirmed profile view uguu

    1. G0dPower


      You gotta do what you gotta do sometimes. Made you click tho didn't I?

  14. Is the green bike a hint to something?
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