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  1. Welcome. If you decide to not evolve Wartortle, you will notice that it will be significantly weaker late-game compared to Blastiose, but the gap in base stats isn't that big, so you might be able to get away with it.
  2. I think letting people buy announcement time would lead to some over-the-top abuse, but other than that, this seems pretty solid compared to the current system.
  3. You're free to leave the forums at any time
  4. >Making an image macro of yourself
  5. Welcome. We're all nerds here :P
  6. iSmashbro


    Welcome. I personally don't watch anime, but I know there's a good amount of people here on the forums who probably watch/have watched Kill La Kill
  7. Welcome back. I think I remember seeing the name ImposterOak on PO a few times
  8. >Implying this community could possibly get better
  9. Reddit is the 9gag/Funnyjunk of online message boards
  10. Are you sure? There have been a lot of shitty posts between September 2012 and now
  11. Here's an idea: Make the bicycle shop sell bike paint. It's a relatively straight forward money sink, with the paint being intermediately expensive and wears out after a certain amount of steps/in-game hours
  12. Oh right, you weren't here when she came along.   I can only imagine the wars with 3 sassy grills in Off Topic
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