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  1. The forum has a searchfuntion. And the reason why I said it like that is that you are person number .. something asking the same.
  2. Kyu explained it, more than once. Multiple threads have been made. People are so lazy. But to answer Winnfields question, a simple NO will do the trick.
  3. Just the hidden ones. Let's not make this an Bulbapedia copy. Don't know if they are there, obtainable hidden ones. I think there are, but that's what I will figure out. Update: I figured it out. 42 Pokémon are hidden, 40 non-obtainable and are listed by @Toupi. The 2 other hidden ones are "Mewtwo" & "Rayquaza". They are not listed because they are obtainable. The 3th Pokémon with "Catch but not keep"-mechanics is "Zekrom". He is not hidden on the Pokédex. So no list needed other than Toupi's.
  4. Hidden pokes, that can be found in the wild or revealed by breeding. Think there are more hidden pokes out there than NPC's battles will reveal. Can be wrong though. (First finishing the challengers cave, then I will start)
  5. Still missing a lot of numbers on my dex. I will take some time to make a number/name list of hidden pokes that not have been mentioned here in Toupi's list.
  6. Isn't this supposed to be in FAQ?
  7. Great Idea. It would better if we could add custom radio.
  8. It ain't poor at all. And buy gas at the Pokemart? As far as I know, there ain't any gasstations in the games.
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