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  1. My favourite service in Pokemmo. Fast, reasonable and also this OT's mons seem to have better RNG xD
  2. IGN: magikkk Country: Poland/Canada Tiers: OU/NU/LC (main LC)
  3. Great service, professional, fast and with reasonable prices. Since i started using the service of Hannah i order almost every day new mons here =)
  4. I'm recommending again. Got a lot of mons from Spxter. This shop is addicting xD
  5. Great service, fine prices, fast and well-done. I highly reccomend
  6. Great service, fast, reliable prices. When you uses it once, you will go back for more.
  7. The best breeder in Pokemmo. Two mons done in the same day, just after two hours. And these prices ^^ Highly reccomended
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