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  1. OU - Zacmorales VS Rynners 10min from now
  2. OU slavicmedicine vs Rynners 5min from now
  3. OU Rynners vs PawnWolf 15min from now
  4. OU Rynners vs PawnWolf - Thursday 4pm est - 11pm bst+2
  5. IGN: Rynners Country: Greece Tiers: OU UU NU
  6. team name: BSDO Registered players: borowskus rynners spxter team captain: rynners
  7. these elections are as fair as shiny rate
  8. if you think vpn is bad imagine how bad are all these 10min mails you can make a forum account with. i still cant understand though why do we even care about the most useless title of mmo that much?
  9. 1662433-706100 join this fantasy (not draft) league if you want guys
  10. fantasy league for everyone who want to join code: 1662433-706100
  11. i have some problem with the time of the draft so i put some watch players in order to chose them auto if i cant be there, sorry for that
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