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  1. When a friend or stranger whispers to you,a dialog window will appear. Of course you can choose whether to turn this feature on. Setting example: 1.When a stranger whispers to you, a dialog window will appear. 2.When a friend whispers to you, a dialog window will appear. 3,always. Other functions: In the dialog window, add a function to save whisper information. When you disconnect, people whisper to you. After you log in, a dialog window will appear prompting you to keep the content and time. benefit: Can make our whisper information not easy to lose. Have you ever tried to lose the whispering content? :(
  2. There are currently two
  3. Hao

    Should we face inflation?

    Inflation and productivity are connected. Why do I only mention Chinese players?This is a problem in sensitive topics. If I am saying that most people use BOT to achieve automated planting of berries,Before you banned him, they have already flowed money out of the market. So do you think this is good or bad?If you think thoroughly, maybe you have already discovered this thing very early. Don't think that what I am talking about is pure game play leading to inflation. Chinese player RMT and automation have seriously polluted the environment of MMO. The source is sold in berries. If you are unaware of the seriousness of the problem, then I wish you good luck.
  4. Hao

    Should we face inflation?

    This is one of the sensitive topics I skipped.
  5. Hao

    Should we face inflation?

    Yes, more than 50% of the players in the Chinese community are talking about growing berries. And almost all have multiple accounts at the same time planting to achieve high harvest,
  6. Everything that happened in 2018 completely changed the mmo market. E.g Android client launch Entry of a large number of Chinese players It is undeniable that 2018 is the most brilliant year of pokemmo But should we face the current inflation problem? Planting berries, it really adds a lot of color to pvp and pve.(E.g ppBerry added a lot of fun for hunting shiny) But the problem now is that most Chinese players now create multiple accounts to grow berries. The use of berries is not pvp and pve. Instead, it is sold to npc in exchange for money.(Skip more sensitive topics) The launch of the berry is to add new ways to the game, rather than simply collecting money. Over time, you will need to spend 10m or more to buy one Donator status ticket.
  7. Hao

    Shiny Event

    shiny rate is fair´╗┐
  8. Hao

    Peika's Shiny Shop [11/9][SELL&BUY]

    bump kabuto sold
  9. this is shiny charmander. Congratulations :D
  10. Hao

    Adding a safety facility to Pokemon

    Maybe my English is too bad. Everyone knows that items that cannot be traded, when pokemon holds it, it is can't to trade,But it can still be released. My idea is that when you hold non-tradable items/tradable items, pokemon can't be released. Holding tradable items can still be traded with players

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