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  1. Vanity Item Suggestions

    2018 is the Year of the Dog. There is a festival on this side, it's in November 11th every year, All singles are going to spend "singles day" , And single people are called "single dogs(No object of love or a person who is not married.)" The surprise is the backpack that comes out today, So, hope single dogs can also have their own vanity items. XD.. Hope can bring us another surprise, e.g:12 Zodiac Signs.
  2. Vanity Item Suggestions

    With the World Cup and the Olympic Games coming. It is recommended to launch some vanity commemorating the World Cup & Olympic Games. Type:Back Name:Soccer backpack And the sportswear
  3. Merry Christmas!!!

    Merry Christmas ^^
  4. New System of Ribbons In The Trainer Card

    hi,Darkshade Will the Vanity item be displayed? Will there be a player's signature(E.g:About me in the forum)?
  5. Vanity Item Suggestions

    hi,darkshade, Is this rare? for example:Darkshade's Sportswear ??XD
  6. Vanity Item Suggestions

    Type:back name:Squirtle's backpack @Squirtle:p
  7. Vanity Item Suggestions

    It's really nice..
  8. About chat window

    thank you, shu
  9. About chat window

    I see what you mean,but the use of 800x600 resolution will still be overlap.
  10. About chat window

    当使用800x600分辨率的时候,战斗的时候聊天窗口上的隐藏部分会阻挡了战斗选择按钮,而变成点击了聊天窗而不是战斗选择按钮. 建议在聊天窗口右下方添加一个锁,可以把聊天窗上方的聊天类型隐藏掉. 虽然现在可以把整个聊天窗隐藏掉,但是这样就变得与世隔绝了,而且别人私聊你都看不见了. ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------Online translation↓ When using 800x600 resolution,When you fight, you touch the hidden chat window, not the combat button. It is recommended to add a lock to the bottom right of the chat window. When the lock is activated, the hidden part will not appear. Although the entire chat window can now be hidden, it is isolated from the world.And not see the whisper
  11. what happens to current GTL listings

    I think the best way is 20 days force down the shelf no problem But we can sell it immediately instead of sending it to the mailbox, take it down, and then get it back on the shelves.(Of course, you need to pay the fee again) I think it's unwise to limit the number of shelves.How many people will despair? What they say is, don't hoard garbage. GTL listings now forcibly delist after 20 days from creation (It's a perfect solution, isn't it?.You have to pay again if you want to go back to the shelves) Limit the number of shelves will only let the player's choice less, piled up in the hands of goods more, can only choose to discard? How much time will they have to deal with them? Update is a happy thing, don't let it bring depression. Players need to do now is to explore new areas, rather than wasting a lot of time to deal with Goods under shelf. My English is not good, please forgive me. @Desu @[email protected]
  12. [Art] Avatar drawing

    omg..I love it.. ty!!

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