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  1. what happens to current GTL listings

    I think the best way is 20 days force down the shelf no problem But we can sell it immediately instead of sending it to the mailbox, take it down, and then get it back on the shelves.(Of course, you need to pay the fee again) I think it's unwise to limit the number of shelves.How many people will despair? What they say is, don't hoard garbage. GTL listings now forcibly delist after 20 days from creation (It's a perfect solution, isn't it?.You have to pay again if you want to go back to the shelves) Limit the number of shelves will only let the player's choice less, piled up in the hands of goods more, can only choose to discard? How much time will they have to deal with them? Update is a happy thing, don't let it bring depression. Players need to do now is to explore new areas, rather than wasting a lot of time to deal with Goods under shelf. My English is not good, please forgive me. @Desu @[email protected]
  2. Avatar drawing

    omg..I love it.. ty!!
  3. what happens to current GTL listings

    GTL listings now forcibly delist after 10 days from creation This change really makes many trainers feel desperate How should people respond to more than 1000 of goods?
  4. Vanity Item Suggestions

    If it doesn't color. It can be a variety of collocations. Such as red+blue, green+yellow, etc. Or, at the time of purchase, you can choose two colors freely(Of course, I know it's not realistic)
  5. Vanity Item Suggestions

    Thank you for your reply! ^^
  6. Quick Wishlist

    When strangers whisper to you, automatically open the whispering window When friend whisper to you, automatically open the whispering window Of course, they can be turned on or off Because often lose whisper messages from strangers
  7. Vanity Item Suggestions

    Name : Two color contact Type : Eye Can be colored
  8. Quick Wishlist

    Allow new e-mail addresses to be changed for game accounts.(The mailbox being used has stopped service)
  9. Vanity Item Suggestions

    hi, @Darkshade,Can pumpkin backpack have the chance to reappear?It is a masterpiece!!
  10. PTS HYPE

    Why don't you delay the PTS? They prefer to participate in Halloween activities and then take part in the PTS
  11. PTS HYPE

    A year of waiting for this disappointing news
  12. PTS HYPE

    I think the PTS can be postponed。 Many players are looking forward to Halloween, and this is disappointing news。 Even if there is no new vanity, they will not mind the vanity of previous years into this year's activities。 A lot of people want pumpkin bags
  13. Vanity Item Suggestions

    Name : Elf ears Type : Eye

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