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  1. Hao

    Peika's Shiny Shop [10/19]

    bump 10/19 snivy sold
  2. Hao

    Turn Off Battle Animations

    In fact, even if you close the battle animation, it will not speed up the battle.
  3. Hao

    Shiny Trading? Where?

    The value of vanity has risen sharply, Reason: it is safe. Limited vanity sold again does not help the shiny market,Reason: because they are safe, not really want them. The real solution is:How to revive the market of shiny instead of completely destroying all markets. I understand what you want, shiny is valued, not to convert them to vanity to preserve value. I am sorry that my English is not good. I hope you can understand it.
  4. Hao

    Shiny Trading? Where?

    This will not help the shiny market and will cause the vanity market to collapse. I agree with awk.
  5. Hao

    Peika's Shiny Shop [10/19]

    bump [10.6 added Shiny Omanyte]
  6. Hao

    Peika's Shiny Shop [10/19]

    bump 10/5 - added 4 shinys
  7. Hao

    About role deletion

    This feature will be added in this maintenance update.
  8. Hao

    Peika's Shiny Shop [10/19]

    bump. 9/30/22:29 no. not my pory
  9. Hao

    Peika's Shiny Shop [10/19]

    bump --09/24-- added shiny porygon

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