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  1. I think I can post this anyway, I have censored his username but you can get the point of the conversation I had with him https://imgur.com/a/TztmF99
  2. The problem is I don't have any screenshot of the conversation before I gave him 1.8m, I have some mails I have trade with him but I don't know if it's revelant I will try to report him with the few stuffs I have but I doubt it will be enough
  3. [English] I never post and I never connect on this forum and I don't know if the topic I'm going to write is against the rules but I do it more preventively. I don't know if I have the right to name the person in question, so I wouldn't do it even if I wanted to. Well,to start with, last year a "friend" had asked me for money to make his team, knowing that I had already given him money before (smaller amounts of the 500k type that he always reimbursed me) I trusted him and I gave him 1.3 million pokedollard, he even asked me to give him 5m more, which I accepted, I even told him "take your time to repay me" because I trusted him fully anyway. Weeks go by, I start asking him if he has my money, he gets angry reminding me of what I said, that I told him he could pay me back when he can, so I stopped making that remark. A year passed and I had stopped playing, I would log in from time to time to see if he had given me back my money, which he never did, today I log in and notice that he took me off his list of friends. I had already given up on the fact that I would receive my money one day but now it's totally definitive, it got me, this person was the reason why I was disgusted with this game, I stopped playing it because at every connection I remembered that I had lost 1.8 million and that someone had openly made fun of me. If you are not COMPLETELY ready to lose your money, do not lend anything or at least just to very close friends who have always known you and with whom the chances of him spitting on you are close to nothing. [French] Je poste et je me connecte jamais sur ce forum et je sais pas trop si le topic que je vais écrire est contre les règles mais je fais plus ça de manière préventive. Je ne sais pas si j'ai le droit de nommer la personne en question donc je le ferais pas même si j'en ai bien envie. Bon ,pour commencer, l'année passé un "ami" m'avait demandé de l'argent pour faire sa team, sachant que je lui en ai déjà donné auparavant (des sommes moins importantes du type 500k qu'il me remboursait toujours) je lui ai fais confiance et je lui ai donné 1.3 millions de pokédollard, il m'avait même demandé de lui en donner 5m de plus, chose que j'ai accepté, je lui ai même dis "prend ton temps pour me rembourser" car je le faisais pleinement confiance de toute façon. Les semaines passent, je commence à lui demander si il a mon argent, il s'énerve en me rappelant mes dires, que je lui avais dis qu'il pourrait me rembourser quand il peut, j'ai donc arrêté de lui faire la remarque. Un an est passé et j'avais arrêté de jouer, je me connectais de temps à autre pour voir si il m'avait rendu mon argent, chose qu'il n'a jamais fait, aujourd'hui je me connecte et je remarque qu'il ma retiré de sa liste d'amis. J'avais déjà abandonné le fait que je reçoive mon argent un jour mais là c'est totalement définitif, il m'a bien eu, cette personne a été la raison pour la quelle je sois dégoûté de ce jeu, j'ai arrêté d'y jouer car à chaque connexions je me rappelais que j'avais perdu 1.8 millions et qu'une personne se foutait ouvertement de moi. Si vous n'êtes pas COMPLÈTEMENT prêt à perdre votre argent, ne prêtez rien ou au moins juste à de très proches amis qui vous fréquentez depuis toujours et avec qui les chances qu'il vous crache dessus sont proches du néant
  4. Wow this is an other level than me, gg ;d
  5. hey thanks you for the critic :d but my english are really bad, can you screen me exactly what do you don't like please ? ;w
  6. Hey :D first thanks and after I don't know what you mean for the xml files, I don't have touch it because I don't really know programming and other stuffs like this but if I need to touch it its just for put the tchat box more darker, change yellow text to blue/whites ect
  7. A new wild gui appears ! for ma 3th gui, I introducing you : Neon pulse ! (bullshited name, Im really not creative) You can download here : https://www.dropbox.com/s/amipxtt83uotn1y/NeonPulse.rar?dl=0 For install the theme put in, in your 'theme' folder, the theme folder are in pokemmo>mmopoke>data>theme Open pokemmo and choose 'NeonPulse' in the Video section in the setting of the client --------/Oh I have forget to remove .psd files of my theme before, for people having these, please don't edit my theme without my permission or for a personal use ;c Also you need to change color of buttons -> Card Pokemon Stats Interface Pc Battle Battle 2vs2 team switch Login
  8. Kanakops

    2Vs2 (pvp)

    Hey its going to be cool if the function for make a battle with 2 players (like christmas event) are available, If its possible last time at the christmas event, why it is not now ? So its really cool if this function are implant yeah sorry for my english
  9. After 642 hours today I have catch this, in horde of 3 pokemons, without donator ticket, totaly random (I don't have search for shiny)
  10. After 642 hours today I have catch this, in horde of 3 pokemons, without donator ticket, totaly random (I don't have search for shiny) Edit : oh yeah its true, 2016
  11. thanks all for your comment :)
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