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  1. Otoya


    I'm playing Undertale, again and again. It's just ... magic!
  2. Hey, let's talk about this game! Current news :
  3. Playing with my sister is like walking in heaven.

    I love you, sis' <3


    PS : Now I should sleep, right? Haha. :3



    1. Ahreum


      Hahahaha, yeah you should :p

  4. 3/100 @AlitoFernando @notmudkip0
  5. The next signature will be the first signature of this challenge. Let's go! Leave your requests! ~
  6. Name: Otoya Team (optional): CAFÉ Background (optional): Blue sky Render (Pokemon/Character): Jirachi Additional information (optional): If I'm not lazy to farm I will find something as donation ^^
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