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  2. Is this game still alive ??

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  4. wow logging in for the first time in like a year and a half and i'm surprised LYLE thread is still here !! also i completely forgot this game existed and am still surprised it does still exist haahhaha
  5. You closed my fav creative media thread ;_;

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      It's ok, you got a Wii U and Splatoon, I forgive you

  6. i'll never leave your profile so i can keep posting on it sweety


  8. draw the thin thread that is a representation of my sanity slowly being cut by a pair of scissors
  9. Sigh, I didn't really want to post anything in this thread anymore but I guess I'll give it one more go. I really don't understand what the point of making this thread was. It's become apparent that the staff members don't really want to work with the mass majority of users that frequent Off Topic. They're more eager to refit it to their vision of Off Topic should be to them, which doesn't make sense. You can't force a change when the community is what makes the subforum the way it is without changing the community drastically. I understand that most staff do not go to Off Topic. That's understandable, not everyone has to go to every section of the forum - I only visit CM, OT, and 1-2 threads in RT. But what I don't get is, these staff members, who do not visit Off Topic out of enjoyment (by enjoyment, I mean you are coming here to OT out of your own free will as a user aka NOT as a moderator) or to even post in any of the discussion threads or to read different topics/video game threads/laidback zone/etc etc etc, want to alter it drastically. The only times I see them really venture into the subforum is if, presumably the OT mod needs advice on how to moderate a post, or they need to moderate/lock threads because they're a global/game and the OT isn't on (which that is reasonable; if armistice is making a MLP thread, that shit better get locked :^) likewise, spamming threads like OT 2.0 Rules etc, while funny, need to be locked too). But if you have an inadvertent hatred for the section and many of its users (Darkshade), why do you have the most input? Jesus christ, that would be like them telling me that I had free reigns over Competition Alley. Holy shit, that would not end well for that section. Good thing when I was staff, I was given sections I was interested in (Multimedia, Customization (RIP my sweet sections that had no apparent difference) and Trade Corner) - it's a shame that doesn't seem to be happening to poor Off Topic. I don't understand staff's obsession with trying to mediate and force discussion in Off Topic (though, this is mostly Darkshade, because he was like this when we changed OT to OT 2.0 years ago). While I don't like the idea of deleting threads (I like to read past threads from time to time), I've accepted that this is just something that's going to happen and nothing I say or any member (that words it rationally) will stop it. BUT if I can't fight the deleted threads, then I guess I'll have to B I T C H and moan about this new proposed ideas and hope that maybe someone will read this post. So. I find it...absurd to try and make a plethora of megathreads for topics. I'll make this special snowflake font to catch people-that-don't-want-to-read-this's attention: Don't make megathreads for topics Don't make a general TV show thread. I watch like... one of the shows that has a thread and like to read people's interactions, but there are other shows I plan to watch (Game of Thrones). But in a megathread, you're going to force me to accidentally come across spoilers because you don't want people to have their own thread? Silly. The "Video game general thread" was "your favorite game," which I saw more as a thread to post in when I wanted to say I was having fun with a certain game, but didn't want to dive too much into it because I figured no one played it, or the game wasn't new so any hype over its release would have been gone by now. There are other games tho, like Heroes of the Storm, Fallout 4, etc, where hype was up and people are actively playing it, so having a discussion in the same fucking thread would be too annoying. 10 people trying to talk over each other about 2 different games? that would be obnoxious. Jesus christ, trying to having a discussion in the fucking Laidback Team thread is too goddamn annoying right now and it's completely turning me off from posting my opinions because by the time I've seen the post, we're already 6 topics away from the one I wanted to respond to. WHY would you want to do this in a thread where there'll be multiple fucking games that more than 4 people are playing? Off the top of my head, Anjovies, me, DoctorPBC, Heimann, Sneakywhatever, Rigamorty, and some other people have talked or expressed interest in HOTS and have been talking about it for weeks, so that should definitely warrant a thread of its own. Don't pin threads. These popular topics you mentioned Eggplant never fall on page 2, and if a person can't be bothered enough to check the first page of Off Topic, why would they click pinned threads? Pinned stuff should be reserved only for the rules. I don't know why I bother with this though! Darkshade made it perfectly clear that he is not interested in listening to me or talking to me about OT. He made it clear to me that he probably thinks he has more influence than anyone on staff does, because all I took out of our last conversation was that despite senior game master Kudasai as well as Squirtle saying I will become off-topic moderator, he kept implying it was "up for debate", sans chatlog from 2 days ago: [spoiler]<17:11:28> "Deejaye": so, out of curiosity, how long do you expect ot to be closed for ds? since i'm assuming you + noad are the only staff that have a say in what will happen to ot <17:11:55> "Deejaye": and I hope that doesn't come across as uh, negative or agitated <17:12:07> "Deejaye": it's mostly me observing and wondering <17:12:38> "Darkshade": No idea tbh <17:13:26> "Deejaye": so what even are your plans on how to change it <17:14:16> "Darkshade": I'm not going to say anything before it's publically announced~ <17:14:23> "Deejaye": Darkshade <17:14:28> "Deejaye": I'm going to be the OT mod <17:14:36> "Deejaye": unless you and Noad convince squirtle otherwise <17:14:48> "Deejaye": hiding it from me makes absolutely no sense <17:15:00> "Deejaye": I should know what's going to happen to my own section <17:18:24> "Deejaye": also please don't ignore me <17:20:25> "Darkshade": I'm not, we're having a discussion. We don't know if the role of Off Topic mod is up for grabs now that Daft has gone <17:20:33> "Darkshade": and Squirtle is currently away, so everything is on hold <17:21:46> "Deejaye": except I talked to squirtle 2-3 days ago and he said I would be OT mod <17:22:05> "Darkshade": That's fine but that was 2-3 days ago <17:24:15> "Deejaye": The only reason I'm not OT mod is because the section is closed, which is what he told me. Unless you believe his words has a 2-3 day expiration date <17:24:36> "Darkshade": I do, because we've held discussions since <17:24:45> "Darkshade": I'm just telling you how things are currently, I don't know how they pan out <17:25:02> "Darkshade": or *will pan out <17:25:02> "Darkshade": even <17:27:24> "Deejaye": All I'm getting from this, however, is that you don't want me to moderate off topic for no apparent reason because I don't know why his word would change unless you explicitly told him you think I shouldn't be staff <17:28:12> "Deejaye": Unless you would like to explain to me what the "discussions" were about because, unless there's a guarantee I'm NOT going to be OT mod, then I see no reason why his opinion would chang. <17:28:15> "Deejaye": change* <17:29:14> "Darkshade": I haven't spoken to him since he left on holiday, you're welcome to take away whatever you'd like however I'm not going to discuss the contents of these discussions with you as you count as a player as of right now <17:36:34> "Deejaye": sigh. regardless, it was stated that you guys would be communicating what you planned to change about OT, and yet again, you haven't done that. leaving it as a surprise for when it opens - which, it seems to have made no progress and I personally still don't understand why it was closed - is a poor decision. this shouldn't have taken more than 2-3 days, but it seems you guys keep pushing it to the side. I am and a lot of posters will be extremely disappointed that there are practically no plans of when it will be opening.[/spoiler] i'm out for blood guys i'm tired of not feeling like i'm heard i'm tired of OT being closed for stupid reasons i'm tired of mods that hate the OT community deciding they know what's best OT didn't need any dramatic changes, it didn't need to be closed for a fucking week where staff twiddled their uguu and decided what to do. Open Off Topic, and let me be moderator so I can do my thing in peace, maybe then you globals don't have to tip toe in and start crying about how awful their community base is. [spoiler]also I didn't want to make a post in fear that my words would be used against me as an example of "why Deejaye shouldn't be OT moderator," but oh well, I guess I blew those chances out the window. I'm sorry I feel so passionately about my friends who are being practically persecuted for the actions of a couple other members.[/spoiler] edit: TLDR; I'M TRIGGERED
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