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  1. You should tell that to staff. They can read all your private info bruh. Anyways stay safe and never consult with them. The shit that was revealed to me on forums today was outrageous. And you're right man all of them are solid uguus. I couldn't give a fck anymore. Can't believe I spent 10 fucking dollars in the gift shop. Would have reconsidered if I knew it was filling their fcking pockets GOD DAMN!
  2. Guys I decided ima come back. Edit: fck no I am free. Living the good life now. But the addiction is messing up my mind. Lawl I will return... in 2020
  3. That mail found its way to Chesar :P Would have sent you something aswell but I broke my screen and threw my pc out of my window. NO JOKES.
  4. Hey man we have been through tough times and I want you to know I think you are one of the best comp players there is. Keep moving forward and don't look back.
  5. Hey guys if you can leave something for JSEE please and for miiinato and for miranda and Bingo. I was really upset when I killed the shiny spheal. I was literally hunting non stop for it 10k + encounters a day and I guess I was so tired I couldn't make sense what was happening on screen. I have been playing years,been through a lot of teams and not one of them could compare with you guys. I'm not really quitting because of the spheal I was planning to quit for a long time. I don't see this game moving forward to be honest. To my closest friends Chesar(best player in this game) FlareBlitzz (Best boss and a player that never gives up) McTermi (My close friend who always stood by me no matter what) you guys made this game worth playing. Good luck to you all <3
  6. I am not in the mood to argue about invalid points... So please leave this thread and refrain from posting since there is no content here that involves you in any way . :) Gl
  7. Well you people complain you never have money... And yet trading this way made me over a solid 100 mil pure yen + shinies in less then 3 months. I still don't know why you feel like hating... I mean yes I am low balling this guy but that is the way to make money in this game. Look at Jonulo... Makes 200 mil spending 30 mil. You guys will never get rich unless you accept this type of trading. The question is : Why would you pay more, when you can pay less??? @KaynineXL @LifeStyle
  8. Gift shinies basically ended competitive play for me. What is the point competing for 1 or 2 million pokeyen?? seriously! Fighting your ass off to get a cool ''gift'' shiny while some spanish noobs catch shiny starters... gg
  9. agreed How can some idiot with 90 hours catch a shiny like eevee.... Me tens of thousands of pokes later + donator.. sorry... 3 + years later.... P.S I once saw a guy with 4 ot's and 175 hours.. I asked him do you sweet scent? He replied and I quote: ''What is sweet scent?'' Shiny odds is bullshit!
  10. yeh tell them we suppose to have a non gift by now??? Someone go fucking hunt!
  11. God bless you. 4 fucking years and someone decided to do it. About time!
  12. So you can whisper him and tell him how pathetic he is? What is wrong with you people?
  13. Some people tend to leave the game for a while and then all their listings must be claimed if not sold which removes them from the gtl. Those type of people with a thousand + listings will probably have learned their lesson.
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