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  1. I dont have a black window it auto starts up without it. Also cool cant wait.
  2. Well thanks for the fast reply , I got the encounter to start up but it doesnt show me the enounterd pokemons the tab stays empthy.
  3. Post this stuff in art section and let the designers do their things and reward the top 3 . I don't get this thread like everyone is spamming their stuff . Chaotic ...
  4. insane work @Gilan really . Maybe a option @Gilan but when I go into settings , hunt for selected profile and create a new hunt and lets say for example im doing Magikarp so my profile for hunts is magikarp , it still encounter other pokemons on that name . To avoid this I need to make different profiles . Would be much better if it automatically knows wich pokemon is encounterd in 'current hunt' If that could be accomplished add a search tab to the (hunt for selected profile) to let trainers search for the pokemon that has been encounterd . Great job ~
  5. Back for a bit .. i'll be on vacation soon, so feel free to ask for your avatar :D
  6. Oki doki . Will be finished by tomorrow :)
  7. Tbh I whant them to shut down pokemmo , cause there's no future for pokemmo . Same goes for twich streaming pokemmo. There's no future for that , you can actually stream it , go and do it. And the fact, that the devs doing what they whant, makes it even more complicated *sigh* It's so simple, make a freaking poll and ask the players what they whant , instead of planning and thinking for the fanbase/players. The Pokemmo game that was created by theft , wich is a sin , but since you took that risk, To make the fan base happy it's fine, and alright , I believed that. I really hope we get professional one day , and start to think, And hearing out each other , without jumping to fast into conclusions , and hating each others statements or ideas.
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