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  1. Tbh I whant them to shut down pokemmo , cause there's no future for pokemmo . Same goes for twich streaming pokemmo. There's no future for that , you can actually stream it , go and do it. And the fact, that the devs doing what they whant, makes it even more complicated *sigh* It's so simple, make a freaking poll and ask the players what they whant , instead of planning and thinking for the fanbase/players. The Pokemmo game that was created by theft , wich is a sin , but since you took that risk, To make the fan base happy it's fine, and alright , I believed that. I really hope we get professional one day , and start to think, And hearing out each other , without jumping to fast into conclusions , and hating each others statements or ideas.

  3. @ Free shiny pokemon ..


    Thanks for missleading me .. =(

  4. Can i've a screen of the psd of my signature :)
  5. Character: Akabane(Anime-Getbackers) / Name: systematic
  6. Thanks a bunch for all the help!

    1. systematic


      Thanks for the follow <3

  7. Hey a question , I may have missed it but.. what if the parents has both the exact same nature ? Do I still need to use an everstone?
  8. The thing about that anime I don't like is, The fact they have so many broken eps wich is so confusion . s1 was the best imo.
  9. Hey :3


    You might chek out my avatar and leave some cool feedback maybe dunno , or request something :D

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  10. you've an cute face :D

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